Manage Your Queues from a Tablet

Imagine your business without long lines.

The QLess Concierge is a convenient queue management app for iPads that allows your staff to get out from behind the counter and interact with customers.

With our concierge app, your staff can add a customer to the queue using their phone number or name. When your staff is ready to summon a customer for service, the patented QLess system will call or send a text notification to the customer letting them know that it is their turn.

By allowing mobility and freedom to your staff and customers, staff will enjoy working at their own pace and your customers will appreciate not waiting in line!


  • Bring in more business: With the powerful analytics data gathered by Concierge, you’ll gain valuable insights on serving more people with fewer hassles.
  • Adapts to your workflows: Unlike other solutions, QLess is engineered from the ground up to offer maximum flexibility for all service industries.
  • Grows with your business: Our queue management app is fully integrated with the complete QLess platform, so whether you need advanced features now or in the future, you’ll be covered.
  • Reduce employee workload: Not only will the system automatically monitor where people are in line but with mobile and online solutions, customers can even manage themselves.
  • No additional hardware required: QLess harnesses the power of cloud technology to provide intelligent wait management without costly server administration.

Customer interface of the Concierge App:

Simplify your customer queueing process with the QLess Concierge iPad App

Staff interface of the Concierge App:

Manage your customer queues from our QLess Concierge iPad App

What Are You Waiting For?

If you want to decrease wait times, increase employee productivity, and improve customer retention, consider the Concierge app from QLess. To learn more about the benefits of QLess for your business, request a business demo today.