Jan 27

Veterinary Appointment Scheduling Technology to Improve Customer Experience

A smiling woman holds up a puppy

In a veterinarian's office, your receptionists' time is divided amongst helping in-office clients, filing paperwork, answering phone calls, scheduling veterinary appointments, and other office duties. Your customers are used to calling in and being placed on hold to make upcoming appointments and requests for information. But what if there was an easier way of scheduling veterinary appointments for both your employees and customers? QLess can give your staff some relief…

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Jan 27

How to Modernize Appointment Scheduling With Animal Shelter Software

A man and woman pet a dog

Many businesses have turned to new technologies to modernize the appointment scheduling process. New animal shelter software makes it easy for staff and customers to book and manage appointments to view and meet the pets at local rescues. Walk-ins can interrupt and slow down the work that pet shelter staff need to accomplish every day, but scheduled appointments can keep the flow moving so every pet gets the attention they…

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Dec 29

Patient Scheduling Software For Health Clinics

A healthcare worker giving a shot to a patient while two women watch

As some of the most essential businesses, healthcare facilities must find ways to enact social distancing measures for the safety of their patients and employees. That means providing ways for patients to easily make appointments online and through their mobile devices. It also means cutting out the waiting room and using updated methods to check patients in for appointments. QLess patient scheduling software can do all this and give healthcare…

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Nov 26

The 7 Benefits of Appointment Apps for Credit Union Growth

two business people shaking hands

In an era of fierce competition in the financial industry, service quality and customer experience are among the most important factors that can make or break your enterprise. Small financial institutions, such as credit unions, face an uphill battle in competing with big banks for new member acquisition. The provision of superior services helps credit unions attract big bank customers in order to grow their membership base. The adoption of…

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Nov 23

Improve Your Healthcare Management System During Flu Season

a doctor’s office waiting room with no patients

Since March 2020, our healthcare management systems have been strained. The pandemic has increased hospitalizations, moved clinics to virtual consultations, and completely changed how we deliver healthcare. Now -- as many countries deal with a second, worse wave of the virus -- the strain on healthcare is only going to get worse. And this time, it coincides with flu season. Clinics and pharmacies are at a huge disadvantage, trying to…

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