Apr 16

Improve Digital Customer Experience with QLess

a person perusing an eCommerce website holding a credit card

In this modern era, technological advances and digital features are expected throughout the customer journey. From being able to join work meetings virtually, ordering food delivery on an app, and getting directions on a smartphone, to virtual assistants that can turn off house lights and lock doors, people have become accustomed to a digital world. New tech enhances our convenience. Businesses that want to impress customers and improve their digital…

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Nov 24

Using technology to protect citizen-facing workers

Originally Published in GCN To say 2020 has been a challenge is a massive understatement. A year that started with optimism in January went off the rails in March, when the global pandemic led to the most significant economic disruption since the Great Depression. Millions of people lost their jobs, and while there has been a recovery, the U.S. unemployment rate is still near 7%. As we rapidly approach a…

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Nov 04

Benefits of Using Line Software For Queue Management

No matter what kind of business you operate, you can probably agree that you wish things ran a little more smoothly when the place gets packed with customers. Our line software can make operations more efficient during the busiest of times, and improve customer satisfaction as well as employee morale. Let us explain how! Saving Your Customers Time No one likes to wait around while they could be doing other…

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Nov 02

How to Reduce Queue Times at Casinos

Customers love the thrill of hitting the casino and pulling the right card or hitting the right number on a pair of dice as they suddenly come into contact with a boatload of cash. But if they have to wait in long lines, potentially breaching social distancing and putting themselves at risk, it can really kill the buzz. But don't worry -- there are simple solutions available to get your…

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Mar 10

Use a Ticket Queue to Improve Customer Experience

The entertainment industry is a booming opportunity for business owners to create a destination of fun and excitement for their customers. Too often though, customers who expect a day full of wonderful experiences get crushed by the dreaded wait in line. Lines to get into a park or event, lines to be served food and drink, and even more lines for individual attractions. The constant waiting in one place with…

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