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DMV Archives page from QLess

02 Nov


Make it Easier for Citizens to Check and Cancel DMV Appointments

November 2, 2020 | By |

Long lines and frustrating experiences at the DMV are such a common occurrence that these facets of the process have become a running joke in pop culture. But what if there was a different way of doing things, one that did not have to end with aggravated citizens and exhausted employees every day? Adopting new tools to allow citizens to check their DMV appointments in advance could make all the difference, so let QLess show you how we can make convenience a reality for your organization. Making Your Patrons' Lives Easier Much of the time, the business a person needs to conduct at the DMV is not particularly pleasant or exciting, so why not allow them to spend time elsewhere while they wait? The virtual queue system that…
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20 Aug


How Online Appointment Scheduling Improves DMV Customer Experience

August 20, 2020 | By |

With the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic, many DMVs across the country were forced to close their doors. For months, transactions were postponed or limited to drop-boxes and mail-in forms for certain requests. As social distancing measures are starting to relax and businesses are opening up again, DMVs must now look at new methods to promote healthier environments for both their staff and customers. Booking appointments ahead of time is one way many DMVs are dealing with their soft re-openings. And customers are rushing to fill time slots at their local DMV. Online appointment scheduling with the QLess system is an automated solution that relieves employee stress and reduces the number of missed appointments.  A N…
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