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QLess retail store appointment scheduling app helps you run your business more efficiently to improve services and reduce stress.

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Allows shoppers to reserve a spot in the checkout line via any mobile phone when they arrive at the store.

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Cues patrons via voice or text message when they’re next in line, allowing them to proceed to checkout with no additional wait.

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Provides patrons with the option to request more time for shopping without losing their place in line.

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Enables retailers to collect customer data and create personalized promotions, announcements, targeted ads, and more.

Today, brick-and-mortar businesses are focused on converting online research to offline sales. While consumers enjoy the convenience of researching products online, statistics show that shoppers still prefer to make purchases in-store. In fact, 92 percent of retail sales are made in brick-and-mortar shops. Now more than ever, retailers need to optimize and leverage excellent in-store experiences to capture sales and delight customers.

Meanwhile, customers are demanding a high-quality experience, and if they don’t receive it, dissatisfied customers will share their experience in negative reviews. This culminates in billions of dollars being lost nationally every year.

Finally, low employee morale creates disengaged employees who create costly inefficiencies.

The QLess retail queue management system and retail store appointment scheduling app can deliver services that convert online consumer research into in-store transactions. You can reduce customer service delays, reduce line sizes, and put productive employees in front of excited shoppers. By improving operations, staff can spend more time assisting customers and increasing satisfaction rates.


Enhance the Customer Experience

Virtual queues in the retail store appointment scheduling app offer a new way to serve and wow your customers. Customers can either reserve a spot upon arrival, or join the queue remotely. This reduces walk-aways and expands the prime-time shopping period. Timely updates notify customers when it’s their turn with the option to reschedule.

Improve Operational Efficiencies

QLess Reports provide real-time data and detailed analytics based on customer preferences and buying behavior, so you can tailor promotions and offers for a more personalized shopping experience. By tracking data, your business can increase employee engagement. High employee engagement correlates to increases in customer service satisfaction, productivity, and profits.

Drive Sustainable Growth & Development

The QLess cloud-based retail store appointment scheduling app solution allows your business to create an omnichannel experience, which increases valuable online to in-store transactions at a far lower cost than comparable on-premise (server-based) software.

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How QLess Works for Your Store

Interactive Updates

Customers receive real-time updates with estimated wait times, and can text to request more time if they’re still shopping without losing their place in line.

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Wait Less & Shop More

With virtual queues, your customers will no longer spend valuable shopping time waiting in line. This will reduce customer frustration, walk-aways, and abandoned items.

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Processes are Improved

QLess Reports provide in-depth information regarding customer behavior and service metrics on walk-aways, service duration, and peak periods.

Transform the Customer Experience

QLess retail store appointment scheduling app enhances the shopping experience from start to finish.

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It’s no secret that businesses everywhere are under immense pressure to provide an exceptional customer experience.

With immediate access to online reviews, more than 90% of consumers do research before committing to a particular business. Negative reviews impact consumer opinions and deter potential customers.

Businesses are further hindered by inefficient operations which directly impact customer wait times, cyclically decreasing customer satisfaction, and business reputation.

The QLess retail queue management system and retail store appointment scheduling app offers an answer to each of these unique challenges. Our cloud-based solution helps create a better shopping experience for your customers, improving reviews and deriving more business from customer research.

Request a demo today to learn more about the benefits of QLess retail store appointment scheduling app:

  • Increase online to in-store transactions to drive revenue.
  • Seamlessly communicate with customers through interactive mobile queuing.
  • Track customer satisfaction with automated SMS surveys.
  • Provide sales associates with crucial customer data.
  • Gain access to customer information for personalized ads and announcements.
  • Monitor employee engagement to increase operational efficiencies.
  • Increase the lifetime value of customers with satisfaction and trust.

What Are You Waiting For?

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U.S. businesses lose $130 billion a year due to customer service delays.

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82% of brick-and-mortar shoppers want to experience products in-store before making a final decision.

retail store appointment scheduling app

A recent study showed that increasing your overall Yelp rating by one star can lead to a 5-9% boost in revenue.



The Digital Customer

Eliminate the wait to delight customers, improve productivity, and increase sales for your store with the QLess retail store appointment scheduling app.



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“Since launching QLess, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time people must wait in line, meaning far fewer walk-aways and more business,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.
The elimination of no-shows and walk-aways provided more than 600% return on investment.

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