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QLess maximizes shopping time by reducing checkout time

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Allows shoppers to reserve a spot in the checkout line via any mobile phone when they arrive at the store.

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Cues patrons via voice or text message when they’re next in line, allowing them to proceed to checkout with no additional wait.

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Provides patrons with the option to request most time for shopping without losing their place in line.

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Enables retailers to collect customer data and create personalized promotions, announcements, targeted ads and more.

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More Time Shopping, Less Time In Line

One of the biggest profit killers for retailers is the checkout line – or specifically how much time customers spend in them. At an average rate of $1 per minute spent while shopping, a store serving 500 customers per day who each wait 10 minutes in the checkout line is losing an extra $1.8 million each year it would have earned if those patrons had spent that additional time shopping. What’s worse, long waits mean abandoned shopping carts, with nearly a quarter of patrons walking out without completing their purchases if the line is too long.

QLess helps retailers to capture those lost revenue opportunities, increasing the amount of time customers spend shopping by allowing them to reserve a spot in the checkout line for immediate service. The solution also provides retailers with a wealth of customer data that can help better personalize the shopping experience, promote customer loyalty, and increase sales.

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Global Telecommunications Leader Reduces Lines, Gains Business

“Since launching QLess, we’ve been able to reduce the amount of time people must wait in line, meaning far fewer walk-aways and more business,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.
The return on investment for the solution through elimination of no-shows and walk-aways is more than 600%.

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