Aug 21

How to Reduce Queues in Banks

If you operate a financial institution, you know there are peak busy times and days that draw in crowds. On payday, for instance, customers rush to deposit their paychecks and clog up business for others who want to open accounts, inquire about loans, and conduct other routine banking transactions. Long lines and wait times can frustrate customers and cause unwanted stress for your employees. So, the question is: how to…

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Aug 13

Technology Trends: Credit Union Modernization Amidst the Pandemic

Once thought of as the financial institution for your parents, or even your grandparents, credit unions have remained relatively overlooked for a long time. They've been slow to implement technology or online banking solutions, and haven't traditionally marketed their services to younger generations the way modern banking institutes have. But in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, credit unions are now modernizing faster than ever. By implementing innovative technology solutions, they've helped to…

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May 29

Do Your Bank Tellers Need a Break? Queue Management Systems Can Help

Queue management systems are new technologies that revolutionize the way customers wait in line and schedule appointments. For the last century, the "take-a-number" system has been the only upgrade to standing in a single file line. Now, businesses can take advantage of technology that almost everyone has in their pocket -- a cell phone. Queue management systems allow customers to join virtual queues and schedule their appointments from the convenience of an app…

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Nov 04

The Best Uses For a Queue Management System in a Bank

Queue management in the banking industry is a critical component of good customer service. But, many banks struggle to improve customer service in this sense. In fact, the stats show that many people spend a lot of time in line while doing their banking. Banks and financial institutions tend to rely on "analog" systems such as physical queues. Yet with so many customers waiting in lines for so long, it's…

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Oct 21

Why Implementing a Queue Management System in Your Bank is a Smart Idea

Bank queues can be long and slow moving, especially on paydays when people come to cash their hard earned paychecks. While long lines means business is good, they can cause negative effects. Customers can easily lose patience while waiting in long lines. When lines just keep coming, employees can get intimidated by the rush of people and make mistakes in their work.  How can you be sure your customers are…

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