Return on Investment Calculator

QLess exists to eliminate lines and improve the customer experience.

With this mission in mind, we’d like to help you gauge the areas in your business you can enhance. Walk through our simple and free ROI calculator to see how you can potentially increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and manage sustainable growth.



Unlock the secrets on how QLess can help businesses:

Increase Productivity

How can you exceed your current output? Answer a few, simple questions to learn how:


1) What is your cost per transaction?

2) How many transactions per year do you process?


[(#1) x (#2)] x 0.46 is the estimated annual savings for process cost reduction you can obtain by using QLess. QLess helps reduce process times through applying more automated, self-serving operations and maximizing your employee and resources’ time.

Want to learn more? Read here how a global chemical company improved their average processing time by 46% and saved more than $7MM annually!

Reduce workload

How can you lessen your workload yet also increase your revenue? Use our calculator below to understand how:


1) What is your value per transaction?

2) How many transactions do you have per year?


is the estimated increase in transactions. Businesses have seen transactions grow by 30% as QLess enables them collect valuable customer information before they even enter the building, resulting in a reduction in manual processes such as paperwork collection, allowing staff to efficiently serve even more customers.

is the estimated increase in revenue. QLess offers the ability for customers to remotely join a virtual queue, as well as schedule appointments in advance, an uptick in customer transactions correspond to revenue growth.

Eliminate idle time

How can you remove unnecessary idle time in order to maximize your employees’ time and resources?


1) What is the average hourly salary of customer-facing employees?

2) How many customer-facing employees are currently employed at your company?

3) What is the average number of hours worked per week?


is your estimated idle work reduction. Eliminating idle time between transactions ensures employees’ time and resources are optimized and maximizing their productivity. Providing advanced notification of when a customer has gotten out of line prior to being summoned saves valuable employee time.



Gain insight on how to:

Boost satisfaction scores

Answer a couple of questions and learn how you can raise your satisfaction scores:


1) What are your average customer satisfaction scores today? (Select an option)


2) What is your annual revenue?


is indicative of the potential increase in revenue QLess can help you achieve based on strengthening your customer satisfaction scores. Improving customer satisfaction by 1 point will reinforce brand loyalty and reputation, thus increasing customer spend and revenue.

Congratulations on achieving a 10 in regards to customer satisfaction! is the potential annual increase in revenue you can maintain by using QLess as the solution for your queue management, appointment scheduling, and a better customer experience. Continue to strengthen brand loyalty and reputation, thus increasing customer spend and revenue.

Measure the effect of negative reviews

Are you tracking how negative reviews are impacting your business?


1) What is the lifetime value of your customer?

2) How many bad reviews do you receive per year?

  • (define how many e.g. <1000)


is indicative of the amount of potential loss from negative reviews alone. Business intelligence tools, such as custom reports and real-time metrics, allow for in-depth analysis of customer feedback, its effect on retention, and impact on revenue.

Want to learn more? Read here to learn how an American 4-year university saw a 30% decrease in student complaints!

Decrease wait times

What is the value of your square footage, and how are you optimizing that physical space?


1) How much square footage do you have of waiting room across all of your locations?

2) What is the monthly cost per square foot?


By switching to QLess, is the potential amount of savings you can receive due to decreased wait times. Businesses can save, as well as maximize, their physical space by converting waiting areas into sellable/usable space. QLess provides the option for customers to wait anywhere: at a store running errands, in their car, in the comfort of their own home, and enhance their customer experience.



Discover the QLess results of:

Walk-away reduction

Uncover how you can decrease walkaways and increase the revenue at your company:


1) What is the value of your average customer transaction?

2) How many customers do you estimate you lose per day due to wait? (e.g. the customer will not initially join a line due to wait)


is indicative of the increase in revenue based on walk-away reduction. Many businesses lose customers (and potential revenue) by not initially joining a line due to the potential wait they’ll have to endure. Diminishing walk-aways unlocks more customers and drives revenue that had been hidden due to unseen wait times.

No-show reduction

No-show Reduction (leave the line)


1) What is your average customer’s wait time?

  • Answer should be amount of time

2) How many customers leave the line during their wait?

  • Answer should be a number

3) What is your average customer’s lifetime value?

  • Answer should be average LTV in dollar amount revenue
  • LTV = (avg revenue per customer) x (avg length of time of customer)


is the annual impact, and is the daily cost

Calculation of delay in revenue of ? of customers that do return:

QLess eliminates long spans of time between transactions, so employees are no longer waiting for a customer to come into line, or upsetting a customer by moving too quickly. Awareness of the wait provides a better customer experience, and our bi-directional communication allows employees to inform and update customers of their wait time.

Increased average sale

Learn how you can reap the benefits of increased average sales below.


1) What is your average sale?

2) What is your total number of sales per year?


With QLess, is the potential increase in average sales. Eliminating archaic processes, such as collecting paperwork or manually managing lines, allows customers to save time and enables employees to better attend to customers and their job responsibilities.

Want to learn more? Read here to see how a wholesale HVAC and refrigeration supplier gained a 10% increase in year-over-year returns since deploying QLess!

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