Start Production, Deliver Now

How QLess can improve productivity by allowing your employees to get to work right now

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Work documents and instructions can be delivered right to the site where the work will be done – on the production floor or in the delivery vehicle – via any mobile phone.

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Updates and changes in schedules, orders, or specifications can be delivered immediately via text and voice alerts, without disrupting production or deliveries in progress.

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Analytics can provide data about the team’s productivity.

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QLess can monitor real-time information from multiple workstations or vehicles to ensure efficient operation and to schedule timely maintenance.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

Getting Started By Eliminating Lines

For industrial companies, time is money. And whether it be starting a production process or getting products out the door for delivery to customers, having employees wait in lines for instructions, procedures, permits or manifests is time consuming, inefficient and costly.

QLess can provide a technology solution that eliminates those lengthy waits in line and allows your employees to get straight to business, increasing productivity and efficiency, lowering costs, and improving customer satisfaction. Instructions, work orders, delivery schedules and other pertinent information can be delivered directly to their workstation or vehicle so they can get to work immediately.

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Global Chemical Company Eliminates Contractor Wait Times

QLess Kiosk system helps multinational chemical company improve efficiency by allowing contractors and drivers to obtain OSHA certifications and complete required paperwork without waiting in line. "QLess has allowed us to reduce average wait times by 9 minutes and improve our average processing times by 46% saving us more than $7MM annually."

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Port of Antwerp Reduces Carbon Emissions by Eradicating Truck Lines

With the QLess line management platform, drivers now wait remotely which eliminates the need to sit with their diesel engines running. Since deploying QLess, DP World has vastly improved productivity, saved hundreds of hours a day for truck drivers, and also prevents 730,000 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being released into the atmosphere every year.

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