Steering Your Dealership in the Right Direction

The QLess car dealership queue management system
eliminates customer stress and boosts sales

receive real-time updates

Customers receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times and can text to request more time if they’re running late. They can even reschedule if they need to come back.

retail mobile icon

You can communicate with customers directly through text messages, voice calls, and via the QLess kiosks and monitors on location.

dealership queue management system

Sales professionals have more time to focus on serving customers, answering their questions, and finalizing sales.

valuable customer insights

QLess analytics provide valuable customer insights and staff productivity data. Get SMS access to customers and the ability to collect real-time feedback via survey information.

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Service that Puts Your Dealership in the Fast Lane

With QLess car dealership queue management system, you can modernize your car dealership and service center by eliminating lines and reducing customer frustration. By using our car dealership appointment scheduling app, customers join a virtual queue via their mobile device or web browser, giving them the freedom to wait wherever and however they want for increased overall satisfaction.

QLess gives your sales team more time to provide prospective buyers with the personal attention they expect when purchasing a new vehicle. This continues once the customer has left the lot with the QLess SMS survey feature, which allows you to gather real-time feedback and valuable insights about customer satisfaction. Use Qless to identify areas for operational improvements and note valuable successes.

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  • Customers are freed from waiting and can wait anywhere until it’s their turn
  • Staff and customers alike interact with easy-to-use applications
  • Real-time, virtual queues are simple to monitor and manage
  • Notify customers of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration
  • Monitor real-time information including the number of waiting customers
  • Analytics provide actionable insights about employee performance, customer demographics, customer return rates, wait and fulfillment times, and much more