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QLess eliminates campus lines & improves student retention

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Instead of waiting in long lines, students are given a specific time to register for classes, apply for financial aid, or take care of other business.

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QLess sends a text alert or phone message letting students know when it’s getting close to their appointment.

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Students can spend their time doing other things rather than wasting hours in a line.

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People share their positive experiences with other students and online, creating goodwill and enhancing a school’s reputation for providing excellent service.

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No more long lines

Colleges and universities have several great traditions – but students spending hours in line to select their courses or handle other business isn’t one of them. Long queues are annoying and frustrating, and they give students a bad impression even before the semester starts. Revolutionary software from QLess empowers schools to eliminate lines, which is not only far more efficient, but it also creates a great user experience for students and employees.

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A Customer's Perspective: Best Practices & Tips

Get the insider's view and discover how your campus can best leverage QLess and improve efficiencies.



Managing the Chaos in Your University Offices

Implementing any of the following ideas in your office will improve your students’ experience. And if you’re able to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in a physical line, you can improve student satisfaction (and your office’s reputation) even further while allowing staff to feel confident and in control.

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Shorter Lines, Greater Insights at Broward College

"QLess has not only vastly reduced the lines of students waiting to access services, but also provides valuable insights that allow us to improve the entire college experience at Broward College.” — Dr. Rolando García, South Campus President at Broward College

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