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QLess eliminates campus lines & improves student retention

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Instead of waiting in long lines, students are given a specific time to register for classes, apply for financial aid, or take care of other business.

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QLess sends a text alert or phone message letting students know when it’s getting close to their appointment.

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Students can spend their time doing other things rather than wasting hours in a line.

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People share their positive experiences with other students and online, creating goodwill and enhancing a school’s reputation for providing excellent service.

College administrators are under immense pressure to increase student satisfaction and improve the campus experience with increasingly limited resources. Students expect an individualized learning experience with support from campus systems, but negative experiences with student services are one of the biggest sources of attrition.

The QLess cloud-based queue management system for colleges and campus appointment scheduling app can help you slash attrition rates by 50% by improving the student service environment. We can help boost the student satisfaction rate to 75% by creating a positive student experience and reduce operational costs associated with student services up to 45%.


Improve Student Satisfaction

The QLess campus appointment scheduling app saves students time and increases their overall satisfaction. Students can provide feedback and share their experiences via SMS surveys to spread the word.

Increase Student Retention

By improving student services, the QLess queue management system for colleges and universities helps your campus mitigate attrition losses. Students who feel their needs are being met are far less likely to drop out.

Manage Your Resources

QLess helps your campus reduce operational costs through streamlined staff allocation. A more efficient utilization of resources helps you provide services to more students – and keeps your employees productive and happy.

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How QLess Works for Higher Education

QLess Mobile Queuing

Interactive Mobile Queuing

The QLess queue management system for colleges provides interactive messaging with students. Students can check wait times, join queues, and request more time from wherever they are no matter what device they’re using.

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Students Join Remotely

The QLess campus appointment scheduling app offers an effortless way for your students to access the services they need without standing in long lines. Students join a virtual queue via your campus website, their mobile phone, or at an on-site kiosk. Notifications alert students as they move towards the front of the queue.

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Students Wait Less

Since students are kept in the loop, there’s no frustration and no congested offices. Happier students can use the time they saved to eat, study, attend class, and participate
in extracurricular activities. Additionally, your staff can focus on addressing student needs rather than

campus appointment scheduling

Services are Improved

With powerful analytics on student wait traffic and patterns, QLess Reports provides a real-time dashboard with the ability to aggregate and compare data from multiple offices. Automated SMS surveys collect feedback that offers valuable insights to improve campus services.

Make a Great First Impression

Fewer lines, more school spirit.

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Delivering quality student services in a timely manner is increasingly difficult as resources stretch to contend with increasing student numbers. Increasing expectations introduce another level of difficulty as the importance of student services become more recognized. All of this can place undue stress on staff and students alike as unprepared campuses struggle to adjust.

The QLess queue management system for colleges and universities allows your campus to rise to the challenge, improving processes for student services. With QLess, resources are better managed across your administration, contributing to better services delivered at lower costs.

Request a demo today to learn more about the benefits of QLess for Education:

  • Less waiting boosts student satisfaction and staff morale.
  • Reduced attrition rates can save thousands of dollars in losses per student.
  • QLess FlexAppointments integrates your existing appointments with walk-ins to eliminate scheduling gaps.
  • Remote join shortens on-site wait times up to 97%.
  • QLess Mobile Queuing provides your campus with interactive messaging with students.
  • Reports provide data to identify inefficiencies and better manage resources.
  • SMS surveys give students the opportunity to provide feedback and share positive.


Queue Management System in Education

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In a recent survey, 47% of administration officials reported their top challenge is student retention, while 32% said their top challenge is improving the student experience.

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Attrition can cost thousands of dollars per student. Low satisfaction scores are often cited as a primary factor in a student’s decision to drop-out.

queue management system for colleges

College students with higher satisfaction scores are far more likely to stay in school and graduate.

Appointment scheduling solution

84% of administration officials surveyed believe a student interaction management platform like QLess would positively impact their campus mandates.



A Customer's Perspective: Best Practices & Tips

Get the insider's view and discover how your campus can best leverage QLess and improve efficiencies.



Managing the Chaos in Your University Offices

Implementing any of the following ideas in your office will improve your students’ experience. And if you’re able to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in a physical line, you can improve student satisfaction (and your office’s reputation) even further while allowing staff to feel confident and in control.

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Shorter Lines, Greater Insights at Broward College

"QLess has not only vastly reduced the lines of students waiting to access services, but also provides valuable insights that allow us to improve the entire college experience at Broward College.” — Dr. Rolando García, South Campus President at Broward College

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