Take the “Wait” out of the Waiting Room

QLess improves the patient and caregiver experience

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Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage with the QLess healthcare patient scheduling app.

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All patients are notified of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration. Improved flow increases patient satisfaction by 20%.

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Analytics provide data about the patient’s experience as well as the team’s productivity.

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QLess monitors real-time information of multiple clinics and the number of waiting patients.

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities are striving to deliver quality healthcare to a swiftly expanding number of patients. With people 65 and older expected to account for almost 20% of the nation’s population by 2030, there will soon be an even higher demand for healthcare.

At the same time, patients are demanding a better experience from their healthcare providers. Failure to meet the needs of patients can lead to negative reviews and millions of dollars in lost reimbursements.

The QLess healthcare queue management system and our healthcare patient scheduling app save patients and caregivers time and energy by using cloud-based software to better serve and easily connect with patients. By improving patient satisfaction scores by up to 99%, we can help you deliver needed care quickly.


Increase Productivity

With QLess healthcare queue management system, front desk staff can focus on their work as patients join the virtual queue. QLess FlexAppointments and our healthcare patient scheduling app help fill the schedule to make sure needs are met without straining staff.

Boost Patient Satisfaction

Using our healthcare patient scheduling app, patients can schedule their healthcare appointments ahead of time. Less time spent in the waiting room means happier patients and improved ratings. QLess can also notify patients if the doctor is running late and offer alternative options, such as visiting with newer doctors in your practice who have more availability in their schedules.

Improve Operational Efficiency

QLess can provide Load balancing between multiple locations. By displaying wait times across multiple clinics on the provider’s website, patients may choose to go to the clinic with a shorter wait time. This can reduce lines and save your healthcare program stress and money.

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How QLess Works for Healthcare

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Virtual Updates

Patients receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times. They can text to request more time if they’re running late or they can reschedule their appointments using our healthcare patient scheduling app.

Patients Arrives on Site

Patients Arrive on Site

Your staff can communicate with patients through text messages, voice calls, and via a monitor in your waiting room. This enhances patient engagement and reduces no-shows.

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Patients Wait Less

By implementing the QLess solution, your healthcare program can reduce the number of patients waiting by up to 35%, so staffers spend less time managing the waiting room and more time focusing on delivering quality care.

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Processes are Improved

Our healthcare patient scheduling app uses analytics to provide in-depth information regarding patient behavior and service metrics. Gain valuable insights with reporting and SMS surveys to identify areas where processes can be improved.

Care that Goes the Extra Mile

A healthy approach to delivering better care.

QLess FlexAppointments

Healthcare programs are under immense pressure to provide an exceptional patient experience. Low patient satisfaction results in high stress, and high stress can result in poor patient reviews that cost programs in both money and trust. With new technology and increased competition, healthcare programs are struggling to adapt in ways that maintain high-quality care for multiplying patient needs. Swelling numbers of patients strain systems that can’t manage both those needs and the speed with which they are met.

The QLess healthcare queue management system and healthcare patient scheduling app help your healthcare program improve every aspect of patient flow. This can dramatically increase productivity, boost patient satisfaction, and enhance operational efficiencies.

Request a demo today to learn more about the benefits of QLess for Healthcare:

  • QLess FlexAppointments and virtual queuing allow patients to avoid uncomfortable waiting rooms.
  • Increased patient satisfaction leads to a direct increase in reimbursement revenue.
  • Instead of managing schedules, staff can focus on delivering higher quality care.
  • Reporting tools collect valuable data on the patient’s experience and team productivity to identify operational inefficiencies.
  • Staff can receive real-time data on wait-times of neighboring clinics or practices.
  • Short, convenient surveys invite patients to leave reviews and make it easy to share theirs.


Provide Patients with Rapid Access to Care

What Are You Waiting For?

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As an increasing number of baby boomers find themselves managing chronic conditions, the healthcare system is under more pressure to meet their needs.

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Nearly 60% of patients surveyed stated that they are interested in a healthcare patient scheduling app that facilitates healthcare processes.

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QLess healthcare customers have seen a 20% increase in net promoter scores (NPS) by getting patients out of the waiting room and by increasing survey



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