Getting Patients to Open & Say "Ah"

QLess reduces patient wait times, boosts staff productivity

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Improved flow increases patient satisfaction by 20%.

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Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage.

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All patients are notified of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration.

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Analytics provide data about the patient’s experience as well as team’s productivity.

Clock for Healthcare

QLess monitors real-time information of multiple clinics and the number of waiting patients.

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Take The “Wait” Out Of The Waiting Room

For medical practices few things are as important as reputation. Patients who are satisfied with the care they receive often refer their friends – and people who are dissatisfied aren’t shy about sharing their negative experiences. And with online review sites like Yelp giving people an easy forum to post their opinions to the world, it’s more important than ever to deliver a great patient experience, not just good medical care.

Patients sitting for long periods of time in crowded waiting rooms is as unpleasant as it is as unhealthy. Most negative online reviews have nothing to do with medicine – and everything to do with long lines, extended wait times, and other issues related to convenience, not care. QLess empowers healthcare organizations to reduce and eliminate wait times, which leads to better patient experiences. Not surprisingly, groups that work with QLess are seeing their positive reviews increase while the dreaded one-star “they made me wait for 90 minutes in a room full of sick people” reviews become a thing of the past.

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12 Tips to Manage the Chaos in Your Waiting Room

Implementing any of the following ideas in your healthcare facility will improve your patients’ experience. And if you’re able to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting altogether, you can improve patient satisfaction even further while allowing staff to feel confident and in control.

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Urgent Care Takes the “Wait” Out of Waiting Room

“When we launched QLess, our satisfaction rate was incredible. Over 95% of our patients reported that they love the new system. We have fundamentally changed how we deliver care.”
— Chief Executive Officer at a Nevada-based healthcare network

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QLess for Healthcare Sales Sheet

Attending to the needs of patients in a timely and efficient manner is an everyday challenge for healthcare organizations.

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