QLess Dashboard

QLess Dashboard is designed to empower management with live data and real-time metrics.  With access to relevant daily statistics, your business is better equipped to manage workflow and improve staff productivity and efficiency.

At-a-glance views display what is currently happening at your queues – such as the forecasted wait time, the number of customers waiting, the number of customers currently being served, the number of customers served today, the no-show percentage, the actual wait time, and the transaction time:

View customer wait times

As shown above, the actual wait and transaction time are displayed with a minimum, maximum and median value based on recent data.

QLess Dashboard is also configured to provide visual cues that notify staff when out-of-the-ordinary wait times or transaction times mount. To combat stressful situations, your staff can set-up alerts and will be presented with a yellow or red color change in the Dashboard interface. Depending on the alert, your staff is also equipped to trigger SMS message alerts to internally.

Overview of QLess Dashboard, showing customer queue metrics, customer wait times, and wait time forecasts


  • Current forecast wait for a queue, average of current forecast waits of all queues for a location, and average current forecast waits of all locations for a merchant
  • The number of customers currently waiting in a queue
  • The number of customers currently being served
  • The number of customers who have been served
  • The percentage of no-show customers
  • Actual wait times

QLess Dashboard at a motor vehicle office:

Sample of a QLess dashboard. Customer wait times at a DMV office