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Apr 16

Social Distance Measures for Education

The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially tough for students and teachers. In the beginning, virtual learning was a radical change that happened very quickly. And as schools reopen, we continue to see social distancing within classrooms in certain areas. But how will higher education help students social distance when they need to wait in line for textbooks or get help with financial aid and admissions? QLess software is the perfect…

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Apr 16

Improve Digital Customer Experience with QLess

a person perusing an eCommerce website holding a credit card

In this modern era, technological advances and digital features are expected throughout the customer journey. From being able to join work meetings virtually, ordering food delivery on an app, and getting directions on a smartphone, to virtual assistants that can turn off house lights and lock doors, people have become accustomed to a digital world. New tech enhances our convenience. Businesses that want to impress customers and improve their digital…

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Apr 02

Customer Experience Best Practices are More Important Than Ever

a waiter helping a happy customer

As we emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and businesses ramp up to welcome customers into their stores at full capacity, it’s more important than ever to reevaluate and improve on customer experience strategies. Consumers spent the entirety of 2020 getting used to the convenience of home shopping and delivery, and retailers now need to elevate their game to meet new expectations. We’ve put together a list of five of the…

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Mar 29

Digital Transformations for Government Services

a government building next to a flowering tree

For industries that have been notoriously slow to implement digital transformations -- such as healthcare or government services -- the pandemic required an abrupt change. With physical distancing orders in place, suddenly almost every industry had to accelerate their digital adoption to keep customers safe. For government services, this meant transitioning to remote work, offering virtual appointments, and upgrading their digital services. Although many aspects will be happily left in…

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Mar 17

American Rescue Plan Relief Bill: Virtual Learning Technology Investments

Due to the pandemic, it appears that higher education is once again in trouble. Early data for spring enrollment predicts a 4.5 percent dip in undergraduate attendance compared to the same semester last year. Overall enrolment for the Winter semester is down 2.9 percent. After a year of transitioning to online or hybrid learning approaches, this means trouble for universities and colleges that have invested so much in ensuring that…

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