A Radical Upshift in the Customer Experience

QLess FlexAppointments reduce on-site wait times with easy-to-use appointment scheduling software.

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Improved customer flow increases satisfaction by 20%.

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Existing appointments seamlessly integrate with walk-in customers.

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Customers are notified of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration.

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Analytics provide data about the customer's experience, as well as staff productivity.

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Proactive SMS communications curtail no-shows and reduce on-site wait times.

Revolutionizing Appointments As We Know Them

Why should customers have to wait, even though they have an appointment?

Imagine appointment scheduling solutions where appointments updated on their own so that every customer arriving late was automatically pushed back in the queue.

Introducing QLess FlexAppointments.

FlexAppointments offer a new solution to wow your customers. Built within the QLess appointment scheduling software, FlexAppointments seamlessly integrates your existing appointments with walk-in customers – an elegant solution to eliminate scheduling gaps when appointments are canceled. Your customers have access to it anytime, anywhere.

How FlexAppointments Work:

  • Customers book an appointment for a future day and time. The appointment scheduling system sends text and email reminders to the customer, reducing no-shows.

  • Meanwhile, you are able to accept walk-ins as schedule openings occur. QLess automatically gives an appointment holder the first priority in the queue for a given time slot. FlexAppointments always take priority for the time slot that has been booked no matter how long the queue.

  • As the time of the customer’s FlexAppointment approaches, QLess automatically places the customer in the virtual queue of your software.

  • An interactive appointment scheduling software offers bi-directional communication, connecting your staff with customers. For example, on the day of an appointment, if a customer is running late, they can request more time. Likewise, your staff can notify the customer if your office is behind schedule.

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Flexible Appointments, Solid Customer Experience:

  • Seamless, easy to use, automated software

  • Bi-directional communication between employees and customers

  • Automatically send text and email reminders

  • Appointment scheduling software accepts walk-ins with ease

  • Requires no installation or costly updates, ever

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What is Appointment Scheduling?

FlexAppointments is a feature of our appointment scheduling app that pushes early callers to the front of the line and keeps track of new schedule openings that walk-ins can take advantage of.

How does it work?

For the QLess appointment scheduling system, clients can request an appointment at predetermined available times. FlexAppointments is an automated appointment scheduling software that automatically shifts early appointment holders to the front of the queue for a given time slot. Our booking software keeps track of appointments that are missed or canceled and adjusts the schedule accordingly.

How do customers book appointments?

Your customers can use our online scheduling program to book appointments without any hassle. FlexAppointments appointment scheduling system will send automated texts and emails to the customer, greatly decreasing the odds of cancellations or forgotten appointments. This is just one of many features that makes this the best appointment scheduling software on the market.

Can I use it to contact my customers about their appointment?

This booking software features bi-directional communication, meaning that those in charge of monitoring online scheduling can easily get in touch with clients if something changes and clients can respond with ease if they happen to be running late or need to cancel.

What kind of businesses will benefit from using this feature to book appointments?

Whether you run a small business out of one location or you have several large offices around the country, FlexAppointments is the appointment scheduling solution for you, as it increases customer satisfaction and decreases time (and money) waste caused by scheduling errors. Regardless of the industry, this is an online scheduling tool that will keep your business running smoothly.

What proven benefits does using an appointment scheduling app have?

FlexAppointments system provides all users with useful analytics about customer engagement and retention, and many of our users have found an uptick of customer satisfaction by as much as 20%. Some of the clients that have reported such success thanks to integrating our new online scheduling tool include Kaiser Permanente, The University of Texas at Dallas, Vodafone, and the Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport. Our app has also proven itself to be the best available scheduling software for small businesses, for whom wasted time due to missed appointments can mean a big loss of income.

Does it integrate with QLess?

FlexAppointments blends seamlessly with the QLess online scheduling software you already use. It requires a mere one-time installation that will never require expensive updates from you again for as long as you use it. And just like QLess, this booking software is a breeze to use.

Can I try FlexAppointments out before I commit?

Absolutely! Scroll down and fill out our form for a free demo of this innovative appointment scheduling solution. We are confident that you’ll find it’s the right appointment scheduling system for your business.



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