“Our new store is an ultimate customer encounter, and QLess is a key component of that experience.”
Andy Arluck, VP of Customer Service, Tourneau
"The lines have stopped! The QLess system is fast-working — I just punch 'Next' and QLess gives me control of how I work, much more control. It’s really great — our citizens absolutely love it."
Cynthia Lattimore, Specialist, Olathe, Kansas Department of Motor Vehicles
“QLess saves permit applicants hours of wasted time, reduces stress for everyone, and allows our staff to better monitor performance.”
Jocelyn Mathiasen, Director of Permitting and Land Use, City of Milford, Connecticut
"QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess will become a standard in healthcare systems.”
Dr. Donald Kimes, Medical Director, APlus Urgent Care
“With QLess we had the smoothest fall semester ever over previous semesters — by a quantum leap!”
Curt Eley, Vice President of Enrollment Management, The University of Texas at Dallas
"I am being asked recommendations for Queue Management and clearly I recommended your company."
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How QLess Eliminates Lines:

1. Virtual Check-In

Your customers join a virtual queue via mobile phone, website, or on-site kiosk.

2. Status Updates

QLess shares updates with your customers by text or voice message.

3. Now Serving!

QLess notifies your customers when their turn arrives and ready for service.

Intuitive Interface for Employees & Customers

QLess Queue Manager

  • Provides a real-time animated, graphical view of your virtual queues.

QLess Kiosk

  • A simple series of touch-screens for customers to enter into your virtual queues.

Over 1,000 Years Saved

With QLess, businesses worldwide have saved 40 million customers more than 1,000 years of time from waiting in line...
and counting!

Amount of time QLess has given back to customers so far:


What People are Saying

"I am being asked recommendations for queue management and clearly I recommend your company"

Global Head of Retail Technology, Vodafone

"This application is fantastic. We have jumped a decade forward in customer experience"

Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Center at Texas Department of Public Safety

"Your product is amazing and about as innovative as it gets. So simple, yet so effective in creating customer satisfaction. Brilliant!"

Director of OIT Web & Portal Services, Valencia Community College

A Global Solution To A Global Problem

In hundreds of cities across six continents, businesses choose QLess to eliminate lines, reduce operating costs, increase staff productivity, and boost customer satisfaction.