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How QLess Eliminates Lines:

1. Virtual Check-In

Your customers join a virtual queue via mobile phone, website, or on-site kiosk.

2. Status Updates

QLess shares updates with your customers by text or voice message.

3. Now Serving!

QLess notifies your customers when their turn approaches.

Intuitive For Your Customers

Transform your customer’s experience with QLess.


Our technology makes everything easier to:

  • Eliminate long lines and significantly reduce complaints
  • Efficiently schedule and manage appointments
  • Boost your staff’s productivity and morale
  • Improve customer service flow and increase satisfaction

Over 1,500 Years Saved

With QLess, businesses worldwide have saved 50 million customers
more than 1,500 years of time from waiting in line...
and counting!

Time Given Back To Our Customers:


What Our Customers Are Saying

“I am being asked recommendations for queue management, and I recommend QLess.”

Global Head of Retail Technology, Vodafone

“With QLess we had the smoothest fall semester ever over previous semesters — by a quantum leap!”

Vice President of Enrollment, The University of Texas at Dallas

“QLess virtual check-in transformed our urgent care facility in ways beyond what I imagined. QLess will become a standard in healthcare systems.”

Medical Director, APlus Urgent Care

A Global Solution To A Global Problem

In hundreds of cities across five continents, businesses choose QLess to eliminate lines,
reduce operating costs, increase staff productivity,
and boost customer satisfaction.