Hyper-Targeted Marketing

There is an incredibly effective and uncluttered marketing channel that lets you communicate with your customers in real-time, and you’re not taking advantage of it. Let’s look at it by the numbers:

  • It can reach 89% of your customers (that’s more than have e-mail.)
  • Those customers are tethered to this channel nearly 24/7, and you have an unprecedented level of control over exactly when your message will reach them.
  • On average, those customers receive only 3.2 messages per month from companies through this channel, so you’ll get their undivided attention.
  • A recent Forrester survey indicated that 44% of your customers would rather receive marketing messages from you through this channel than via any other method.
  • 97% of the messages you send will be read by your customers!

So what’s your SMS marketing strategy?

One of the biggest hurdles that most companies face when considering SMS marketing is collecting their customers’ cell phone numbers, but QLess provides a natural solution to this problem! Your customers will be happy to give you their cell phone numbers if you use QLess to free them from waiting in line. From there, it’s a simple matter of letting them opt-in to receive your SMS marketing communications. Since QLess already knows their cell phone number, the opt-in can be as effortless as a single click. This can be accomplished through a variety of methods, including:

  • QLess Kiosk – As your customers complete their self-serve touch-screen kiosk transaction to enter your virtual line, they’ll be presented with a simple Yes/No screen, letting them choose to opt-in.
  • QLess Queue Manager – When your employees add customers to queues, they can verbally ask for the opt-in, and indicate the customer’s response with a single click.
  • SMS – Any customers that don’t opt in or out through one of the methods above will simply receive a text message with a short opt-in offer that’s customized for your business, containing instructions on how to simply reply via SMS to opt-in.

Then, as you build your database of customer phone numbers, you can use QLess Mobile Marketing to craft your SMS marketing campaigns, offering your customers special discounts and coupons, news, events, and whatever else you like to keep them coming back, and to make them feel like a part of the family. You can control the day and time that messages are sent (83% of those messages will be opened by your customers within the first hour.) This lets you execute your campaign exactly when you need it (for instance, on a slow night) and maximize your customer traffic at just the right time. QLess also lets you hyper-target messages by a variety of factors including:

  • Which location(s) the customer has visited
  • How recently the customer last visited
  • What days of the week the customer most often visits
  • What time of day the customer most often visits
  • How frequently the customer visits
  • Where the customer lives
  • The customer’s average party size
  • How reliably the customer ultimately shows up
  • The customer’s preferred language

And it gets better! SMS is one of the few marketing methods where your customers will frequently forward your message on to their friends. This lets you bring virality to your marketing like never before. Just craft a great offer that your customers will find compelling, and let them spread the word for you!

You can even combine QLess Mobile Queueing and Mobile Marketing to build creative campaigns unlike anything your customers have ever seen. Imagine you’re running a restaurant, and at 6 pm on a Friday, every customer who hasn’t visited you in the past month receives a text message that reads “What’s for dinner tonight? We’d love for you to join us at Cafe QLess! Reply with ‘J’, we’ll add you to the wait list, and you’ll receive 10% off your meal!”