Let Customers Wait Wherever They Choose

Qless Reduces ContagionWhen you’re busy, your waiting room or lobby area gets crowded. Forcing your customers to wait in such close proximity for extended periods of time can put them at risk of contagion. During cold and flu season, and especially when pandemics like H1N1 and Avian Flu break out, businesses can see a dramatic reduction in customers, simply because they don’t want to expose themselves to this risk. Some businesses like doctors’ offices will find themselves scrambling through logistical nightmares and spending thousands of dollars, trying to isolate customers, group them together, create temporary entrances, make masks and hand sanitizers available, etc.There’s a better way. QLess lets you virtualize your waiting area, and lets your customers wait wherever they choose to. By holding their spot in line with their cell phone, customers can arrive just-in-time, and eliminate the contagion risk.