Make Better Use of Your Space

Everyone is very pleased with [our first day’s] performance and already talking about how the Student Centre could be re-designed as we won”t need as much space for students to queue or wait.

— Linda Jackson, Manager, Arts Student Centre, University of Melbourne

Qless  Effect of Waiting Area Size on Customer Stress LevelsNumerous studies have been done on the effect of waiting area size on customer stress levels, but it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that less crowding equals happier customers. So businesses end up dedicating more of their office space to customer waiting areas in the name of customer service. There have even been studies done on what types of music and what kinds of smells will help ease the stress of customers that have been forced to sit in a waiting room.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to just let those customers wait wherever and however they want? QLess Mobile Queueing lets your customers stay updated about when you will be ready to serve them through text messages or phone calls, turning your formerly-crowded waiting area into a ghost town. And QLess Just-In-Time Customer Delivery still ensures that your customers are on-site and ready when you are ready to serve them. Now you can put that precious real estate to better use!