The Simplest Benefit to Measure: Your Bottom Line

I have had large parties wait up to 3.5 hours – because they could do it from home…. QLess has enabled me to keep more people on a wait longer and keep them happy at the same time. It has gotten people here that [otherwise] wouldn’t be here – and kept people here that [otherwise] would have left.

— Suzanne Perry, Owner, Datz

Reduced No-Shows

Qless Reduced No ShowsQLess increases the number of served customers among those who wait by 17-45%. By empowering your customers with the freedom to wait where they want and how they want, you decrease their perceived wait time. This results in an increase in the amount of time that they’re willing to wait for service, which in turn results in fewer turn-aways, and extends your peak hours. And since customers can call or text at any time for status updates, it maintains a conversation with them, and acts as a virtual tether that will bring them back when you are ready to serve them.

QLess performed a case study at one of our restaurant customers, with the results shown here. After adding QLess, as customers were willing to wait longer for tables, the restaurant spent more time at or near their capacity, increasing the overall number of tables filled. In this case, QLess provided 45% more seated customers, among those who waited for a table!

Reduced Turn-Aways

Qless Reduced Turn AwaysWhen potential customers see a long wait for service, they have to decide whether or not the wait is worth their time. A recent survey found that, when faced with a long line to check out, 24% of customers abandon their purchases, and walk out of the store. A case study at a QLess restaurant customer found similar results, with 30% of customers choosing not to join the wait list after being quoted the current wait time. However, after being told that they could use QLess to wait however and wherever they wanted, 75% of those customers changed their minds, and decided to wait.