Fewer Hostess Hassles

It keeps [guests] up to date. We don’t have to have hosts wasting time trying to find them. We don’t have to have [hosts] trying to give them more information or when their table’s going to be ready. The system will update them.

— Michael Wilson, Manager, Border Grill

Mobile Line Management

QLess provides a number of tools that let customers manage their place in the queue from getting into line to getting out of line. Customers can also get status updates and confirm their availability for service so your staff don’t have to.

On-demand Status Updates

How often do your employees have to deal with questions like this?

  • “You told us it would be 10 minutes and I’ve been waiting for 15. How many more people are ahead of me?”
  • “I stepped out for a few minutes. Did you call my name yet?”
  • “Well, I didn’t hear you call my name…”

qless reduces employee workloadIt’s hard enough for employees with a paper wait list to keep track of customers coming and going from the list, let alone dealing with the barrage of questions from customers just trying to get an update. QLess lets your customers request on-demand updates by calling or texting the system, and finding out right away how many people are ahead of them, and how long their expected wait will be.

My hostesses love it… and enjoy not being “stalked” by people waiting for their tables and checking the list every 5 minutes.

— Suzanne Perry, Owner, Datz

Self-Serve Queue Entry

Qless Self Serve Queue EntryWith other queuing systems, customers often actually end up waiting in line just to get into line! This is because they are waiting for an employee to “get them into the system”, or to take a paper ticket. A setup like this wastes everyone’s time. QLess supports self-serve queue entry, which allows customers to join queues themselves, through a variety of methods including text messaging, voice calls, through your website, or through touch-screen Kiosks.

Over a 6-month period at the Johnson County, KS DMV, 94.59% of customers joined a QLess line in a completely self-serve manner and did not require any employee assistance to enter the line.