Just-In-Time Customer Delivery

[One customer] received a text message letting him know that he had fifteen minutes until he reached the front of the line, but was stuck in traffic at the time. He was able to request more time by replying by text and was able to be served when he got to the office, not losing his place in line.

— Amy Meeker-Berg, Chief Deputy Treasurer, Johnson County Kansas

QLess DemoMany businesses offer reservations/appointments to customers so that they don’t have to wait in line for service. The problem with this approach is that it’s inherently wasteful. If a customer is late for a scheduled appointment, or is simply a no-show, you can’t easily reschedule everyone after that customer to come in sooner. Instead, you’re left with this dead, wasted time, waiting for the next customer to arrive at the pre-scheduled time. Conversely, if you start to run behind schedule, now you’re wasting your customers’ time all over again, as they show up when you told them to, but they still have to wait in line.

Restaurants that accept reservations typically see a 15-40% no-show rate, which leads to tables sitting empty. An internal report at one of America’s largest HMOs reported that they typically see a 18-21% no-show rate, with each missed appointment costing an average of about $100 in wasted time.

We started with OpenTable first and found it worked well. But over time, the realization dawned on us that to most efficiently utilize the tables, we couldn’t hold them for small reservations. QLess jumped out as an ideal solution, letting us manage customer expectations about being seated, putting customers more in control of their own place in line, and increasing table turn efficiency.

— Robert Sanderson, Owner, Bella Brava

QLess Mobile Queueing offers the best of both worlds. Not only can customers avoid wasting their time waiting in line or a waiting room, but you can also avoid down-time between appointments. By placing your customers in a virtual queue, they can get real-time, on-demand updates to let them know when you will be ready to serve them. If a customer gets busy with another activity as her turn approaches, she simply tells QLess to give her more time. If she decides to cancel, she simply replies to a status update text message or voice call to let QLess know. If she misses her turn, QLess will automatically summon the next customer in her place, and give her the opportunity to rejoin at the front of the line via text message or voice call. All of this goes on behind the scenes, and your employees don’t have to know or care. All they do is hit “Summon Customer”, and let QLess do the rest! QLess Just-In-Time Customer Delivery lets you maximize the use of both your time, and your customers’.