Intuitive Interface for Employees
& Customers

It’s quick, it’s convenient. Quick and easy tool. Quick to navigate through. It’s very easy for me. I don’t have any complaints.

— Chloe Crims-Merritts, Receptionist, Admissions and Advisement, Mesa Community College

Simple Setup

To get started, all you have to do is fill out a short form to describe your system configuration. Your account can be setup and ready for use within hours. We manage all of the phone/SMS infrastructure, and run the servers. All you need to do is fire up your web browser and login.

Real-time Graphical Queue Manager

Qless Real-time Graphical Queue ManagerQLess Queue Manager gives you an intuitive graphical display of your virtual queues. The interface is designed to be optionally used from a touch screen computer, and includes an on-screen keyboard. Employee interaction can be as simple as touching two buttons. Instead of making you figure out complicated grids or lists, Queue Manager understands that a picture is worth a thousand words, and keeps things simple, simple, simple.

Simple Customer-Facing UIs

Qless Simple Customer Facing UIsQLess Kiosk provides a simple self-serve, touch-screen based interface that customers both with and without cell phones can use to get in line for multiple services. Customers can also call into your custom QLess phone line (which can optionally be integrated with your existing PBX) and follow voice prompts to get in line, they can send a text message and follow SMS-based instructions to get in line, or they can use the QLess Widget, which can be embedded into your existing web site.

I am very excited to use all the features of this system and am so relieved to see customers using it with ease.

— Cyril Wrabec, VP, Independence, MO Vehicle License Office