Webinar - Improve Campus Operations & Student Retention with Qless

Institutions are under pressure to maximize student retention and improve the student experience while being resource constrained – leading to high attrition rates and dissatisfied students.

With enrollment on the decline, colleges are forced to create an environment to foster positive student experiences.

In fact, students with high satisfaction levels are 80% more likely to remain enrolled and graduate.

Guest speaker Adam DeRosa, Associate Dean of Student Services at Broward College, joins higher education expert Kelly Kliner on how to overcome the top 3 challenges in higher education and provide an insightful case study.

To learn how Broward College transformed their campus services to improve student retention, please fill out the form to watch the webinar!

“Very interesting information, well set-up and organized!"

Webinar Attendee – California State University

You'll learn best practices to:

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    Transform campus services and improve student retention

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    Reduce long lines and student complaints

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    Efficiently schedule and manage appointments

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    Boost staff productivity and morale

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    Improve student service flow and satisfaction

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