A Radical Upshift in the Customer Experience

Eliminate lines and improve customer satisfaction.

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Increase customer satisfaction up by to 100% and receive 5-star reviews.

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Eliminate long lines and reduce customer walk-aways by 75%.

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Proactively communicate with customers to control expectations and reduce frustration.

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Boost staff productivity and operational efficiencies by 90%.

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Reduce on-site wait times by 97% with SMS reminders.

The Wait is Over

Our most important resource is time.

QLess was founded to solve a fundamental and global human problem: wasting time waiting in line.

We believe the convenience of saving time is one of the best aspects of modern technology. By providing a modern solution to the outdated practice of waiting in line, QLess is transforming the way the world waits.

Everyday retail businesses, healthcare clinics, educational institutions, and government agencies depend on QLess to manage their customer flow with virtual queues.

How Virtual Queues Eliminate Waiting in Line:

  1. Customers join the virtual queue via our remote queueing app from anywhere using their mobile phone or at an on-site kiosk

  2. Customers wait wherever they want – free to shop, run errands, or wait at home or work

  3. Timely text or voice messages alert customers as they move to the front of the virtual queue

  4. When your staff is ready to serve, customers are notified it's their turn

The benefits of virtual queues are undeniable. Use our website to request a demo of the remote queueing app and learn more about how you can increase customer satisfaction and employee productivity.

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12 Tips to Manage the Chaos of Your Waiting Room

Implement these 12 tips to improve your customers’ experience. And if you’re able to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting altogether, you can improve customer satisfaction while allowing your staff to feel confident and in control.

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QLess Product Demo

Join Customer Experience (CX) expert Matt Walles for a tour of QLess and learn how to grow your business and delight your customers!

This 30-minute webinar is a product demonstration and feature overview of how QLess works.



Urgent Care Takes the “Wait” Out of Waiting Room

“When we launched QLess, our satisfaction rate was incredible. Over 95% of our patients reported that they love the new system. We have fundamentally changed how we deliver care.”
— Mark Behl, Chief Executive Officer at Renown Medical Group

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