Top 4 Predictions of 2016

Let's make this the best year for your business — find out how to conquer 2016 with your customers in mind!

In this webinar, QLess CEO Alex Bäcker reveals his top 4 predictions, including:
1. Why a basic Casio watch received better reviews than the Apple Watch.
2. Why you have less time despite technology advancements enabling greater efficiency.
3. What the most valuable good will be in 2016.
4. Who your next hire should be.

To discover our top 4 predictions and how to leverage new technology for best-in-class customer service, please fill out the form to watch the webinar!

“By serving our customers more quickly with QLess technology, we have an opportunity to retain and grow their business with us — that was impossible before.”

Global Head of Retail Technology, Vodafone

In this webinar, you'll learn:

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    New technologies that save your customers and staff time

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    The importance of exceeding customer expectations

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    Using real-time (instead of historical) data

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    Providing your customers the one thing they want most: more time

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    Actionable takeaways that you can implement today

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