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Feb 25

John M. Brock, Head of International Sales

John Brock oversees QLess’ International Sales Operations & Customer Retention. He brings over 40 years of senior leadership, sales management, strategy development and selling business solutions in the human capital and the telecommunications industry. He received his education from the University of Southern California and California State University, Fresno.

John spent 20 years with DBM, a leading HR consulting firm. Where under his leadership, his team generated a record $47M in revenue in 2009. Prior to his career with DBM, John was a senior manager with AT&T where he developed and managed a $67M business in the Philadelphia area. During his successful career with AT&T, he was responsible for the development and implementation of the consultative sales training for the 6,000 member sales team. In addition, John led the development and national implementation of a certification program for AT&T’s sales force.

I like giving people the ultimate benefit of freedom and the choice of how to spend their time.