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Students are many. Staff is minimal.
Lines are everywhere.

Your college is about to be inundated. Are you ready for the mad rush of students?

There is a way to eliminate massive lines in your hallways–reducing stress and improving staff efficiency in the process.

Your students want the ability to pursue their studies with as little “friction” as possible, yet fall rush is an all too-familiar reality for you and your skeleton crew. You try your best to help. But with budgets so tight, the demand on services creates painfully long lines, over-worked and over-stressed staff, and unremarkable customer service.

Waiting in line for 10… 20… 30 minutes for admissions, advising, financial aid, registration, enrollment, even food—does NOT make a good impression on your students. With their time being eaten up by sports, classes, studying and social activities—they’ll resist using many of the services your college offers, simply because they don’t have time.

What are you left with? Does this sound familiar: less-than-adequate satisfaction ratings, stalled word of mouth, fewer referrals, lower student retention, and less revenue for your college?

Staying competitive with other colleges is a constant, never-ending battle for a slight edge.

But with budgets almost non-existent, how can you afford one?

If you could just get your head above water long enough, you might be able to figure out a solution to deal with the mad rush every semester. Sadly, that day hasn’t come—until now.

We’re QLess™.
We invented Mobile Queue Management™.

QLess Queue Management for College Devices

We’ve stolen back the wasted time of the “mad rush”, and now,
we’d like to return it to you (and your students).

So that you can add a unique differentiator to your brand and to your students’ experience. One that allows students to avoid time-wasting lines, so they can focus on the task at hand, continually updated as their time for service approaches. A reality that allows you to be their hero. No more friction; no more lines—just clear hallways, calm minds, and a standard of service long-forgotten. Isn’t it, finally, about time you had that as part of your reality?

The moment QLess becomes an integral part of your college experience…

  • Student satisfaction levels soar…
  • Staff productivity improves…
  • Hallways crammed with students become non-existent…
  • Students use more of your services and offerings…
  • Referrals and word of mouth begin to go viral…

We’ve redefined the concept of “waiting for service”.
Through engagement and empowerment,
we have given it value.

Just take it from a few of our users…

We were in the middle of registration, and by the end of the week, my assistant turned and remarked, ‘do you know that we have not had a single complaint‘…it just turned everything around
Amber Kelley,
Dean of Student Services, Austin Community College

Here’s How It Works…

Step #1:
Get In Line

Once QLess is set up around your college, students have the ability to “get in line” virtually, from any device. Something as simple as a text message, dedicated kiosk, or online form can add them to the queue in seconds. This lets them continue their other activities without wasting time standing in line. This can be used anywhere… from a cafeteria line… to the enrollment office… to admissions and advising… or anywhere else on campus.

Step #2:
Monitor Status

Seconds after the student joins a mobile queue, QLess responds with a confirmation message, including an estimated wait time. She can check this status from her phone via text message or voice call, and she can even ask for more time if running behind.

QLess sends intuitive updates along the way. For example, if the beginning wait time is 90 minutes, the student will receive periodic updates as the time until service comes near.

Step #3:
Get Notified

Several minutes before QLess estimates the student will reach the front of the queue, she will receive another text message notifying her to go back to the “physical” line. Once there, she will be greeted by staff and marked arrived.

This takes the employee just a few seconds, and reduces the usual pressure caused by long lines and cramped hallways.

5 Great Reasons QLess Can Help Your College

Queue Management College Reduce Workload

#1: Reduces Employee Workload


Staff today are overworked, tired, stressed and unproductive. By making the process more manageable and easier for staff, you’ll find an increase in productivity and employee contentment, which leads to less employee turnover and a higher quality of work.

QLess Queue Management - College - Increase Student Satisfaction

#2: Increases Student Satisfaction


Students crave anything that makes their lives easier. Constantly pressured to perform under tight deadlines, they respond to anything that helps accomplish their goals. The magic happens when they tell their parents about your new system. Parents are impressed, and gloat to other parents about how great your college is. Word of mouth spreads virally and your name spreads around town, effortlessly.

Queue Management Colleges - Intuitive Interface

#3: Intuitive Interface


The QLess interface was designed with ease of use in mind. It’s fast, intuitive and requires no training to learn. The interface consists of two main parts:

QLess Queue Manager provides real-time animated views of your virtual queues so your employees get an on-the-fly view of their current queue.

QLess Kiosk consists of a touch-screen interface for students to enter your virtual queues and put themselves in line.

Queue Management College Easy and Flexible Use

#4: Powerful Flexibility


Want to implement mobile marketing or an Emergency Notification System at your college? We can do that. Got a tricky student flow to deal with? We can help. With our unique flexibility, you can adapt QLess to the exact way you like to work best. Moreover, all future updates and changes happen in the background, requiring no IT assistance and no upgrade fees.

QLess Queue Management  for Colleges - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

#5: Satisfaction Guaranteed


QLess helps you save time and eliminate stress, is cost efficient, and incredibly reliable. That’s why we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. You may request a full money-back refund at any time within the first semester of using our system, no strings attached and no questions asked. If you can show us that you implemented the system as recommended, and it simply didn’t work—we’ll send you a check for 100% of any fees you’ve paid so far!

Even More Reasons…

Here a are just a few more reasons
why QLess may work for your college…

  • 100% web-based
  • No equipment to buy
  • No servers to buy or maintain
  • No software to download or install
  • No IT staff to coordinate installs/upgrades
  • No license or upgrade fees
  • Seamless, instant upgrades
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Increase waiting room real estate
  • Take your hallways back!
  • The “hip” factor students love
  • SMS mobile marketing included
  • Powerful, visual analytics for valuable insights

A Personal Invitation To See How QLess Will Work For Your Specific College

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine exactly how QLess would be implemented on your campus, to improve the lives of your students and reduce the stress and workload of your employees. So we’d like to extend you a personal invitation, to receive a customized assessment of the queuing challenges in your college.

This is 100% free, and there is no obligation of any kind. We will discuss what your greatest challenges are and suggest ways you might be able to address them. If QLess seems like a fit, we’ll discuss what features can be used, exactly how it will work for you, why it saves you money, why it will attract new students and give you a competitive advantage, and answer any other questions you may have. We’ll even show it to you, live (keep you’re cell phone handy!)

If you aren’t quite ready to chat yet, no problem. Please download our FREE MCC College Case Study, to see how they applied QLess in their particular college environment. Your challenges may be similar, but we also understand that you are unique, so afterwards do not hesitate to reach out for your assessment.

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