The Theme Park Appointment Scheduling App Opens New Doors

The QLess theme park appointment scheduling app keeps guests out of long lines
so they can enjoy what your park has to offer.

Customers receive real-time updates

QLess allows visitors to spend less time in line and more time in retail shops and restaurants within the park. They can schedule and map their experience based on stores and rides they want to visit in advance, which can dramatically improve their experience.

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Visitors never have to worry about losing their place in line. If they are running late, they can simply push themselves back in line via their mobile device instead of having to start at the end.

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The QLess theme park appointment scheduling app enables visitors to make the most of their time and optimize their experience, increasing customer satisfaction rates by up to 99% and boosting the number of positive reviews you receive.

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Analytics provide in-depth information regarding customer behavior in the park and let you track how wait-time correlates with repeat business, as well as which rides bring the most repeat business.

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Revolutionizing the Theme Park Experience

The QLess cloud-based theme park appointment scheduling app and queue management system gives your guests a more satisfying experience – a dramatic advantage in an industry dictated by perceived wait times.

With QLess, visitors to your park can map their experience in real-time using our patented forecasting algorithms and our innovative FlexAppointments feature. This means they’ll spend less time waiting in lines and more time riding rides, browsing gift shops and enjoying restaurants – helping you decrease line visibility and customer frustration.

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  • Boost revenue by getting guests out of line and into shops and restaurants
  • Optionally charge guests for extra priority
  • Track patterns in guest behavior throughout the park
  • Message guests directly with promotions, targeted ads, and other messages
  • Deploy staff more efficiently by understanding peak traffic hours


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