Hit the Customer Satisfaction Bullseye Every Time

QLess cuts customer wait times, improves staff productivity.

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QLess shooting range queue management system and shooting range appointment scheduling app, customers join a virtual queue and receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times. They can then text to request more time if they’re running late, or get out of line if they want to come back later.

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Using QLess, visitors can schedule range appointments on their own ahead of time. Less time waiting at the shooting range means happier customers who can help improve the online reputation of your business.

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QLess allows you to optionally send your customers a text message while they wait, offering to let them opt into receiving promotional SMS marketing messages from you in the future. This builds a valuable CRM database that you can contact via SMS with news, promotions, and events.

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QLess Analytics provides valuable insights into how to further improve efficiency and client satisfaction rates. By using advanced data, you can make improvements like predicting peak business hours and planning accordingly.

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Set Your Sites on Better Service

Indoor shooting ranges are a high-growth business, but many suffer from an “old, pale, and stale” atmosphere. With QLess shooting range queue management system, you can modernize your business and transform the visitor experience by eliminating the waiting time for people who want to shoot. Customers no longer feel like they’re wasting their day waiting in line just for a chance to enjoy their hobby thanks to a virtual queue that notifies visitors when it is their turn.

In addition to boosting satisfaction rates and improving your online reputation, QLess can enhance employee productivity by allowing them to focus on service rather than corralling customers. QLess Analytics and our SMS feedback feature offer valuable insights into how to improve your operations, helping you drive sustainable growth.

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  • Customers are freed from the waiting room and can wait anywhere until it’s their turn
  • Ease of use for both customers and staff
  • Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage
  • Notify customers of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration
  • Analytics give you data about the customer experience as well as staff productivity
  • Monitor real-time information of the number of waiting customers