Getting Past the Velvet Ropes in Style

QLess’s casino queue management system gets guests onto the floor faster

join a remote queue

Casino guests join a remote queue and receive timely updates about their estimated wait times. They’re notified automatically when their turn is coming up.

receive real-time updates

Staff can communicate with guests using a phone call, text message, or via the QLess kiosks and monitors on location.

pen and paper

QLess lets you alternate between voice notifications and text, which helps get guests’ attention and a 15% faster response rate than with a single medium.

retail graph icon

Analytics provide detailed data and metrics on consumer behavior in the casino, including guest behavior, service delays and customer profiles.

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Always Keep a Full House

The average quarter slots player spends $40 per hour. But how much time are your guests spending stuck waiting in line at the poker room, the buffet, or at the hotel check-in? QLess casino queue management system gets your guests out of line and onto the game room floor. Create a more satisfying experience for your guests and get an enormous advantage over your competition.

The QLess cloud-based casino waiting time management solution allows your guests to join a virtual queue via their mobile device so they can play their favorite games while they wait for their reservation. Your customers can explore the floor and find a new favorite game while your employees do their work unimpeded by the frustration that waiting in line can inspire.

The QLess Dashboard lets you track your guests every time they visit your casino, providing valuable insights into their gaming behavior and spending habits. Our SMS survey feature allows you to receive instant feedback to identify operational inefficiencies and boost overall customer satisfaction.

Request a free demo of QLess to learn how our casino queue management system can help you boost customer satisfaction rates, improve employee efficiency, and increase overall profits.

  • Guests are freed from standing in line and can roam until it’s their turn
  • Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage for visitors and staff
  • Instant SMS access to all customers in the casino using the service, allowing you to collect valuable customer data
  • Mobile phone and SMS access allows you to message customers while in the casino with exclusive deals and targeted promotions