More Adoptions, Less Waiting

The QLess animal shelter queue management system
reduces adopter wait times and frustration

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Adopters receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times and can text to request more time if they’re running late or even reschedule if they need to come back another time.

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You can communicate with adopters through text messages, voice calls, and via the QLess kiosks and monitors on location.

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QLess lets you alternate between voice and text, which helps get adopters’ attention 15% faster than with a single medium.


Analytics provides in-depth information regarding adopter behavior and provides metrics on service duration to identify areas where efficiency could be improved.

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Care that Goes the Extra Mile

The animals in your shelter have been waiting weeks or even months for their new “forever home” and you want the experience of adopting to be as fun as the experience of getting adopted. The QLess animal shelter queue management system helps you manage customer flow and provides time-saving features and benefits.

Our cloud-based wait time management software for animal shelters allows adopters to spend less time waiting and wondering and more time playing and petting. Adopters can enter virtual queues from any mobile device from any location. The system notifies adopters via text message as their turn approaches and communicates updates regularly to keep them informed of any changes to their wait time. With QLess, shelter employees spend less time managing traffic and are able to instead focus on serving adopters and their new friends.

  • Adopters are freed from the waiting room and can wait anywhere for their appointment
  • Easy to use for both adopters and staff
  • Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage
  • Notifies all adopters of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration
  • Analytics give you data about the adopter experience as well as staff productivity
  • Monitors real-time information of the number of waiting adopters