More Adoptions, Less Waiting

The dogs and cats at your animal shelter have been waiting weeks and even months for their new “forever home” – if a person or family is ready to adopt, why make them wait? Eliminate lines and long animal shelter wait times by offering the QLess queue management platform. QLess technology will help manage customer flow and provide time-saving benefits.


  • Adopters are freed from the waiting room and can wait anywhere for their appointment
  • Ease of use for both adopters and staff
  • Real-time, virtual queues are easy to monitor and manage
  • Notify all adopters of delays to control expectations and reduce frustration
  • Analytics give you data about the adopter experience as well as staff productivity
  • Monitor real-time information of the number of waiting adopters

SMS Marketing

QLess allows you to optionally send your callers a text message while they wait, offering to let them opt into receiving promotional SMS marketing messages from you in the future. This builds a valuable CRM database that you can contact via SMS with news, promotions, and events.

CRM and Analytics

QLess is a CRM system that keeps track of every customer interaction, with a unique analytics suite that provides powerful actionable insights about employee performance, customer demographics, customer return rates, wait and fulfillment times, and much more. Our reports are all accessible through a simple yet powerful web interface, and your customer data can be easily exported to Excel and Access.