Eliminate Campus Lines & Improve Student Retention

Colleges and universities have several great traditions – but students spending hours in line to select their courses or apply for financial aid isn’t one of them. Long queues are frustrating, and they give students a bad impression even before the semester starts.

With QLess, higher education institutions are able to create efficient and streamlined processes for class registration, advisory meetings, and other student-related business with the campus appointment scheduling app.

“The level of satisfaction for our students has climbed significantly since the implementation of QLess.”
– Dean of Student Development, Collin College
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Revolutionary Software Empowers Campuses To:

  • Allow students the freedom to choose their appointment times
  • Eliminate lines, reduce overall wait times, and increase efficiency
  • Boost student spirit and staff morale
  • Increase student retention rates
  • Improve operations and reduce costs


Success Story

Shorter Lines, Greater Insights at Broward College



Campus Without Lines: Improve Resource Management & Morale



Improve Campus Operations & Student Retention



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