QLess can allow social distancing while still serving customers

We are helping to make customer journeys more efficient: eliminate lines, speed up transactions, and empty lobbies TODAY.

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Remote Queuing

Disperse crowded lobbies by allowing customers to get in line from home, their vehicle, or work. They are told via SMS or App their wait time and when to arrive in the lobby.

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Virtual Call-Back Queues

Avoid waiting room congestion. Customers join a queue remotely and receive a callback or video conference on their mobile phone when you are ready to speak with them. Customers know their place in line and their wait time.

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Give customers flexibility. Interactive appointments provide reminder texts and the ability to cancel, tell you they’re running late, or reschedule right from their phone. Crowded lobbies are gone and no-shows decrease.

QLess changes the way you do business by allowing customers to arrive just-in-time with no waiting in your lobby.

Read more about how we’re helping businesses during and after the COVID-19 crisis.

Discover the World’s Best Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System

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QLess helps your business overcome problems that alienate customers and impact your bottom line with a simple, easy-to-use solution. QLess increases revenue up to 50%.

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Our most important resource is time, and QLess eliminates waiting with our award-winning queue management system and appointment scheduling app. QLess boosts operation efficiencies up to 90%.

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From boosting productivity to increasing your customer satisfaction rates, there’s no limit to the benefits of QLess to your business. QLess improves customer satisfaction up to 99%.

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How The QLess Appointment Scheduling and Queue Management System Work:


Your customers schedule an appointment or join a virtual queue via mobile phone, website, or on-site kiosk.


Qless enables two-way communications by text or voice message, allowing you to share updates and receive customer feedback.


QLess appointment scheduling app and Queue Management system notifies your customers when their turn approaches.

Customer Testimonials

Global Head of Retail Technology, Vodafone
Optimization Supervisor, DP World - Port of Antwerp
CEO, Healthcare Network
Vice President of Enrollment, The University of Texas at Dallas
Owner, Maxon Shooter’s Supplies and Indoor Range
Chief Information Officer, Orange County Tax Collector
Manager of Police Administration, Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP)
Director of Permitting and Land Use, City of Milford, Connecticut
Medical Director, A+ Urgent Care
Dean of Student Development, Collin College
Operations Project Leader, Multinational Chemical Company
Deputy Assistant Director, Department of Motor Vehicles

QLess queue management helps a wide range of industries to boost efficiencies, improve the customer experience, and grow business.


Students are better served with our convenient queue management system and appointment scheduling app that turns your campus into a one-stop shop, saving time and improving the campus experience to optimize student retention.


From the DMV to the permits office, QLess is changing the way government agencies serve citizens. By improving efficiencies and reducing wait times, branches are transformed into one-stop shop destinations where citizens get more done in less time.


QLess Appointment Scheduling app allows healthcare providers to create tailored care management solutions to give patients high quality care, reduce the time patients spend in the waiting room, and boost efficiency among doctors and staff.


QLess helps logistics companies improve supply chain communication to eliminate truck lines, lower costs, and increase efficiency. Instructions, work orders, and schedules can be sent directly to vehicles so drivers can get to work right away.


With QLess, you can build an OmniChannel approach that provides your sales associates with valuable information about customers before they arrive. Increase customer satisfaction and gain valuable insights into your shoppers with advanced, data analytics.

With QLess businesses worldwide have
saved 100 million consumers
more than6,000 yearsfrom waiting in line
... and counting!

Time Given Back To Our Customers:

What are you waiting for?

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U.S. businesses lose $130 billion a year due to customer service delays.

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85% of brick-and-mortar shoppers prefer to shop in-store.

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Up to 92% of transactions that begin with online inquiries are completed in store.

One-Stop Shop

Transform your business into a destination where customers, citizens, and students can get more done in less time.


Build an OmniChannel approach into your business to gain valuable insights about customers and their buying habits.

Tailored Care Management Solutions

Provide patients with higher quality care, reduce the time they have to spend waiting to see a doctor, and maximize the productivity of your staff.

Supply Chain Communication

Streamline workflow to lower costs and increase efficiencies while creating a centralized operations solution for your company.

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