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QLess reduces citizen wait times, boosts staff productivity

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Citizens receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times and can text to request more time if they’re running late, or get out of line if they want to come back later.

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You can communicate with your citizens through text messages, voice calls, and via the QLess kiosks and monitors on location.

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QLess lets you alternate voice with text, which helps get your citizens attention and delivered to you 15% faster than with a single medium.

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Analytics provides in-depth information regarding citizen behavior and service metrics on no-shows, walk-aways, service duration and customer profiles.

Government agencies are under tremendous pressure to deliver higher quality services to tax paying citizens. However, many government organizations are constrained by archaic processes and outdated technology that are costly and ineffective.

Citizens also expect equal, if not higher, service from government offices as they do with commercial businesses. This applies from the DMV to the permits office, but also in the aftermath of natural disasters and other unforeseen events.

At the same time, there is plenty of room to improve the efficiency of government services by increasing employee engagement.

The QLess queue management system for government offices transforms agencies to increase productivity and morale, resulting in higher citizen satisfaction rates. With our cloud-based wait line management systems for government offices, employees can better allocate time and resources to deliver higher quality services. Our reporting feature provides tools to analyze the contributions of your staff and identify areas for improvement.


Improve Staff Productivity

QLess features a real-time dashboard and robust reporting to provide a basis for staff KPIs. With QLess FlexAppointments, the system will automatically fill any gaps in the schedule to ensure that staff members never need to wait for the next appointment.

Enhance the Citizen Experience

With the QLess queue management system for government offices, citizens can visit the agency website to view wait times and join the queue remotely. QLess then provides real-time updates via SMS text or phone call. This functionality demonstrates respect for your

Prepare for the Unexpected

Requests for specific government services can increase dramatically after a disaster. With QLess, citizens can wait in a virtual queue while seeking services, allowing them to focus on putting their lives back together. QLess reports can track of staff hours worked and citizens served – before, during, and after the disaster – to justify additional budget requests and overtime pay.

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How QLess Works for Government Offices

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Virtual Updates

Citizens receive real-time updates about their estimated wait times and can text to request more time if they’re running late, or get out of line if they need to come back later.

Interactive mobile queuing

Citizen Arrives on Site

Interactive mobile queuing gives you several options to seamlessly communicate with citizens:through text messages, voice calls, and via QLess kiosks and monitors on location.

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Citizens Wait Less

By implementing the QLess solution, your government branch can reduce the number of people waiting in line by up to 35%, so employees spend
less time managing traffic and more time serving citizens.

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Processes are Improved

QLess Reports provide in-depth information regarding citizen behavior and service metrics. This helps managers identify key areas for improvement.

Serving Citizens Better

Shorter lines for higher quality government services.

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In today’s connected world, citizens expect more from their government – and that includes digital services which save them time. In fact, one of the most common citizen complaints when accessing government services how long they have to wait in line to conduct business.

The QLess queue management system for government offices delivers a solution that allows citizens to spend less time in line to complete their business quickly and efficiently. Using the wait line management systems for government offices, government agencies can find ways to improve staff productivity, manage sustainable development, and enhance their citizens’ experience.

Request a demo today to learn more about the benefits of QLess for Government:

  • Save citizens time, streamline processes, and boost employee productivity.
  • Reports provide actionable data points on walk-aways, no-shows, and user behavior.
  • Web-based software means no hardware, updates, or installations – saving hundreds or thousands of dollars in IT related costs.
  • Interactive queuing allows agencies to communicate with citizens easily using SMS text and voice calls.
  • Receive feedback on how to improve citizen experience with automated SMS surveys.
  • Improve government response to increasing occurrences of natural disasters.


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What Are You Waiting For?

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Citizens expect the same or higher quality from government digital services as they do from commercial organizatio

customer flow management

41% of government employees in management positions surveyed said their top challenge is to improve staff productivity and efficiencies.

Appointment scheduling software

The recent rise in natural disasters has dramatically increased the number of requests for building permits, debris removal, and other government services.



Improving Public Perception with Technology

Are you using the latest technology to improve public perception of your government office? In this webinar, we evaluate the trends in technology influencing government processes, customer service, and public perception.



Managing the Chaos in Your Government Office

Implementing any of the following ideas in your office lobby will improve your citizen’s experience. And if you’re able to eliminate the inconvenience of waiting in a physical line, you can improve citizen satisfaction even further while allowing staff to feel confident and in control.

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County Government Cuts the Line for Licenses and Taxes

“QLess has been a real catalyst for communication with our citizens, and we’re very happy with that. So far, we’ve received more than 13,000 survey responses, and this information is allowing us to make modifications and changes to our operations for even better service.”
— Jim Cochrane, Chief Information Officer at Orange County Tax Collector

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