Manage Queues from a Monitor

The QStick is a compact but powerful piece of hardware that delivers web content to your monitor. Its modular design is easy to install and includes a remote control.

Each QStick is configured to a specific location and includes full customization by the QLess team. Our staff provides 24-hour hardware support and will remotely monitor your set-up.

Additional benefits include auto-updates, security from hacking, and built-in redundancy in case of internet, audio, or power outages.


  • Powerful Hardware
    • 4GB RAM
    • Includes remote control
    • Compact size
  • Customizable
    • Configured to each location
  • Connectivity
    • Easy to install
    • Wireless Bluetooth and WiFi
    • Includes Ethernet and HDMI
  • Remote Monitoring
    • QLess staff will monitor remotely
    • 24-hour hardware support
  • Secure
    • Includes security updates
    • Secure from hacking
    • Future-proof with auto-updates
  • Storage
    • Onboard storage 64GB SSD
    • Expandable storage slot for Micro SD cards
  • Automatic Restarts
    • Failure resistant
    • Recovers from loss of power
    • Recovers from loss of internet