Revolutionizing Appointments As We Know Them

Have you ever had to wait, even though you had an appointment?

Imagine an appointment that updated on its own so that every customer arriving late was automatically pushed back in the queue.

Introducing QLess FlexAppointments.

FlexAppointments offer a new way to manage appointments and wow your customers. Built within the QLess platform, we’ve fused our expert knowledge of eliminating customer wait times into the DNA of the product.

Reserve a Spot at the Front of the Line
With QLess FlexAppointments, existing appointments seamlessly integrate with walk-in customers – an elegant solution to eliminate scheduling gaps when appointments are canceled.

Our interactive platform offers bi-directional communication connecting your staff with customers. SMS reminders are sent to customers to reduce no-shows, and the customers are able to determine when reminders are sent. On the day of the appointment, if a customer is running late, they can request more time. Likewise, your staff can notify the customer if your office is behind schedule.

The Canceled Appointment Rebooking Engine (CARE) refills cancellations and no-shows. The result: increased staff productivity and maximized throughput.

A Radical Shift in the Customer Experience
Customers today rely on in-person assistance, personalized attention, and speedy service.
•  Are you providing the best customer experience?
•  How many customers do you lose because they are unable to receive immediate attention?
•  What is your current walk-away rate?

Knowing this information is essential – finding a solution is critical.

Queue management software is fast becoming the preferred method for transforming customer satisfaction. To compete in an increasingly mobile world, it’s key to provide customers with freedom as well as an extraordinary experience. QLess gives your business the edge to improve customer flow and service.

How FlexAppointments work:

FlexAppointments provide your customers with the ability to book an appointment for a future day and time. Customers receive appointment reminders via text and/or email.

Meanwhile, you are able to accept walk-ins as schedule openings occur. QLess automatically puts an appointment holder first in line for a given time slot.  FlexAppointments always take priority for the time slot that has been booked no matter how long the queue.

As the time of the customer’s FlexAppointment approaches, QLess automatically places the customer into your virtual queue.


  • Efficient customer flow
  • Improved staff productivity
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced on-site wait times
  • Proactive communication
  • SMS reminders curtail no-shows

FlexAppointments are great for: