Appointment Scheduling Software

With the QLess Calendar scheduling app, your staff can easily schedule and view appointments made by your customers. Our calendar tracking app allows appointments to be viewed by day, week, or month and even gives you the option for keeping track of queues and appointments at several different locations.

Staff can view appointments at multiple locations with Calendar

Our calendar scheduling app filters appointments by location, queue, and scheduled resource in order to provide you with the most accurate and helpful information.

See all of your appointments in a calendar view with QLess appointment scheduling software

When scheduling appointments on the calendar tracking app, employees can also utilize custom fields that are configured specifically for each location.

Custom fields are available for each location when creating appointments

Resource Availability Management

The Resource Availability Management interface offers your team the ability to add and remove resource availability for each of your locations.

Calendar makes it easy to see if you have enough staff resources available

With QLess, you can use our calendar tracking app to make more efficient use of your employees’ time. Keep your appointments organized across different locations while allowing your team to filter and search based on several different preset criteria. This, along with our extensive suite of features, can help you achieve higher productivity and stronger growth. Learn more about how our scheduling applications can benefit your business by requesting a demo today!