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Government Webinar

The Cloud Revolution:

New Advantages for Government Agencies

You keep hearing about "the cloud" but what is it really?

Cloud technology is not just a trend – it's here to stay.

What are you doing to streamline your government office with cloud technology? Are you succeeding or falling short with citizens?

Guest speaker Christopher Summers, Business Analyst and Technical Lead for the City of Austin, joins the panel to share insights and advice on deployment of the cloud.

To see how your government office can best leverage the cloud, please fill out the form to watch the webinar.

"Prior to the adoption of QLess, it was not uncommon to have 100-200 people lining up outside waiting... We have seen a huge reduction: now on our busiest days, we may have 300-400 in line but we only have 50-60 people actually in the building. This takes a lot of stress off the front-line staff, and our citizens can manage their day so much better."

Joe Lewis, Motor Vehicle Manager at the Johnson County Department of Motor Vehicles

You'll gain 3 primary takeaways:

  • »

    What "the cloud" really means

  • »

    Benefits and risks of cloud-based solutions

  • »

    How to smoothly implement the cloud to improve operations

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