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Virtual Waiting Room Archives page from QLess

13 Nov


Virtual Waiting Room Technology For Hospitals And Clinics

November 13, 2020 | By |

America's aging population will place a heavy strain on the country's healthcare resources. By 2030, Americans aged 65 and older will comprise 20% of the nation's population. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities must evolve their services to provide more efficient care to an ever-increasing number of patients. Implementing smart software solutions designed for the healthcare industry can help you deliver optimal care to your patients. Healthcare software solutions, such as the QLess patient scheduling app and queue management system, offer virtual waiting room technology to help your organization deliver optimal patient care. These innovative healthcare technologies enhance patient experience, boost staff morale, and improve operationa…
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18 Sep


01 Sep


5 Reasons Why QLess Offers The Best Appointment Scheduling App

September 1, 2020 | By |

Whether your business runs solely on appointments or you have a combination of booked appointments and walk-in customers, the QLess appointment scheduling app has an array of customizable features that can best accommodate your particular industry. From major industries like healthcare, government offices, logistics, DMVs, and higher education, to smaller operations like beauty salons and shooting galleries, QLess has the technology to handle it all. Our powerful software combines the use of your customers' cell phones to create a modern system that is easy to use and increases efficiency. Ease of Use For Customers When you're looking for the best appointment scheduling app for your com…
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28 Aug


Streamline Processes With Office Scheduling Software

August 28, 2020 | By |

Many types of businesses and industries regularly have customers book appointments for services through staff members. Staff are constantly getting interrupted during work hours and have to stop what they are doing to figure out appointment openings. They may also need to manually call or message customers to confirm the appointments and send reminders. Interruptions by these mundane tasks that can be more efficiently completed by office scheduling software cause staff to waste valuable time and companies to lose money on outdated processes. Streamlining with the QLess system gives time back to employees to better focus on customer needs. Industries Where Office Scheduling Software is Needed  If your business books…
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27 Aug


SMS Virtual Solutions For Veterinarians

August 27, 2020 | By |

Veterinarian offices have many reasons to want an easy system for appointment scheduling and technology that clears out the waiting room. SMS virtual solutions like the QLess online veterinary management system give your staff time to focus on other office issues besides scheduling and following up with appointment reminders, and they don't have to manage a crowded waiting room. When you let your customers wait elsewhere, they and their pets are much happier and stay healthier. The modern world calls for an upgrade to your old office systems with a new technology that everyone can benefit from. Appointment Scheduling Made Easy While customers are used to calling up the vet's office and booking an appointment with a…
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