Sep 08

Reopening Schools in The Fall | Learn From College COVID Outbreaks

After months of planning and preparing for the new normal, colleges across the U.S. have started reopening their doors to staff and students. But in some instances, reopening schools in the fall has come to an abrupt halt. It shouldn't come as a great surprise considering the rise in cases across the country, but many schools are experiencing a spike in COVID-19 cases among students and staff as they resume…

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Mar 17

How School Administration Software Can Improve Educational Experience

Higher education administrators are under immense pressure to not only grow the breadth and depth of the education their students are receiving but also improving the experiences of everyone on their campus. Events of all kinds, special guests and speakers, a variety of food choices, great public spaces, and many other amenities have been added to the toolbox over the years to make students, faculty, and staff happier. But the…

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Dec 03

School Scheduling Software’s Impact on Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are in a constant struggle to be at the front of the pack. With so many options available for higher education institutions, university administrators are presented with the unique challenge to make their school stand out in a saturated market. While increased school activities, a beautiful campus, and a well-rounded selection of programs all contribute to increased enrollment rates, school scheduling software may be the unexpected game-changer…

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Mar 05

5 Ways Line Queue System Technology Can Improve College Campuses

The average college campus is home to thousands of students and hundreds of staff members. On a day-to-day basis, hallways and lecture halls are abuzz with activity as both students and staff convene, all driven by a shared passion for knowledge. However, although colleges are built on the value of education, the college experience is largely sustained by various systems of administration, many of which are inefficient. While waiting in…

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Jan 01

Advantages of Student Information Systems | Get More with QLess

A college student works on homework. In today's fast-evolving educational environment, school administrators are not only faced with the need to nurture young talents and focus on the holistic development of students but also have the ability to track, organize, and report on critical data. From meeting numerous reporting requirements for the various school departments to managing the day-to-day operations of the school, there is a lot that needs to…

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