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Reopening Archives page from QLess

04 Nov


Saving higher education: Lessons learned from fall semester reopening

November 4, 2020 | By |

Originally published in UniversityBusiness. Read here.  Despite major changes to classes, student services and experiences, higher education appears to be surviving the fall semester. Unfortunately, the pandemic meant that it was not nearly as successful as previous years or as predicted. Undergraduate attendance plummeted 2.5 percentand international undergraduate enrollment was down 11 percent. This forced many colleges into a difficult position financially. Yet most are still choosing to enter the winter semester without changing their initial pandemic plans. Estimates show that the pandemic has cost higher education institutes over $120 billion. With COVID-19 cases increasing, enrollment rates declining and …
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19 Oct


The Benefits of Digital Lines for Ski Resorts

October 19, 2020 | By |

We can all appreciate the thrill of hitting the slopes on a blustery winter day, but the fun can sometimes be dampened by long lines at the ski lift, or even in the lodge itself. All of that can change if you use QLess to switch to a digital line solution for the benefit of your patrons. Read on for some of the best reasons skiing is better with QLess. Enjoying The Experience A ski resort is more than just the slopes themselves; many locations also have fantastic lodges, as well as restaurants and other forms of entertainment that your guests will definitely want to enjoy. Why not help them get the most out of their experience (and, by extension, encourage them to spend more at your property) by replacing your lift queues wi…
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29 Sep


Navigating the Customer Experience in the New Retail Environment

September 29, 2020 | By |

With the number of bankruptcies at a 10-year high due to the ongoing pandemic, it's no surprise that retailers are struggling. Although non-essential businesses have re-opened across the country, a threat of a second wave remains, which could lead to further store closures. In order to increase revenue, retailers need to consider options that drive customer loyalty and improve the customer experience both in-store and online. Brick and mortar stores won't survive without mobile and online shopping experiences. They also need to consider low-contact approaches to in-person shopping, while customers continue to be conscious of high touch areas. And while all businesses are updating their experiences, the stores that will come ou…
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17 Sep


Reduce Shopping Queues to Improve Customer Experience

September 17, 2020 | By |

Think about some of the busiest times of the year for retail business. Black Friday, holidays, blowout and clearance sales, back to school, and other special events draw some of the biggest crowds stores ever see. Some stores draw long lines no matter what time of year it is, like cell phone companies and big-box retailers. Customers dread the long shopping queues and often wish they could continue to shop until they can easily check out. As a business owner, wouldn't you love the extra chance to let them continue to shop? Dispersing Lines & Upselling    We're all used to the old, standard method of waiting in a physical shopping queue to pay for our goods. While in line, we stare at the gum, mints, chocol…
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15 Sep


5 Benefits of Virtual Lines

September 15, 2020 | By |

Waiting in a physical queue has been the standard for much of human history, and we're long overdue for a change. The challenges of our modern world have warranted the need for a new technology that increases customer satisfaction, helps keep customers healthier, and gives business owners a unique look into their own operations. With the advancement of cell phones, and the fact that they're so commonplace in today's society, queue management systems that place customers in mobile lines only makes sense. Here are the top five benefits virtual lines can provide to your company. Customers Can Wait Anywhere For businesses that draw long lines, managing a crowded waiting area can wreak havoc on wait times, cause customers to walk …
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