Nov 02

How to Reduce Queue Times at Casinos

Customers love the thrill of hitting the casino and pulling the right card or hitting the right number on a pair of dice as they suddenly come into contact with a boatload of cash. But if they have to wait in long lines, potentially breaching social distancing and putting themselves at risk, it can really kill the buzz. But don't worry -- there are simple solutions available to get your…

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Sep 05

In Line with the News

This week's news brought us a couple of stories about people lining up and what gives us the most satisfaction.   It's hard for us to get excited about staying in a long line for a night or even for days or weeks at a time, but there are some people out there that are eager to do so. On the other side of Los Angeles from QLess headquarters, people…

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Oct 27

The News Just Keeps Getting Better

We keep telling you how QLess is revolutionizing the way people wait in line - or rather don't wait in line. So it probably comes as no surprise that our unique usage of SMS to rid the world of its lines has been recognized as a first place winner in Clickatell's recent awards. You can check out the good news here. Thanks Clickatell! We're excited to be part of a solution…

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Nov 06

Breaking: Nobody wants to stand in line to get shot – Times/USC poll finds lack of interest in H1N1 vaccine, partly due to long lines

From today's L.A. Times: As concern spreads about H1N1 flu, a new survey of California voters found that while most consider the vaccine safe, a majority had no plans to get vaccinated ... The findings come from a new Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California College of Letters, Arts & Sciences Poll. The survey, which interviewed 1,500 registered voters from Oct. 27 through Nov. 3, was conducted for the Times…

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Oct 07

Aaron Patzer from on QLess

I met Aaron Patzer at JuicePitcher last night. Aaron is founder and CEO of the #1 personal finance service in the world,, recently sold to Intuit for $170,000,000. He approached me to say he loved what he had heard about QLess, and wanted to set a time to learn more. We took his words seriously coming from a smashingly successful entrepreneur who drove his own company from 0 to…

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