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Customer Experience Archives page from QLess

08 Dec


Surviving the Holiday Rush

December 8, 2020 | By |

Improve Operational Efficiency and Provide Great Customer Experience With some of the busiest shopping days rapidly approaching, stores are bracing for an onslaught of last-minute shoppers and a few more weeks of chaos. Unlike the shoppers that begin shopping in October or November -- 83 percent of holiday shoppers -- these customers will be stressed out and distracted, looking for efficient ways to complete their holiday shopping list. To retain these customers and create great customer experiences, stores need to improve their operational efficiency to meet the needs of last-minute shoppers. Create Efficient Waiting Experiences For the busy shopper, long waiting lines could make a huge difference when deciding which store to sho…
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20 Nov


Fill Appointment Openings With an Online Scheduling System

November 20, 2020 | By |

The archaic method of using call centers and obsolete data management systems to schedule appointments burdens your employees, frustrates customers, and causes productivity and revenue loss for your organization. The traditional appointment scheduling system is extremely inefficient, depleting your business and customers' precious resources. On average, Americans waste 37 billion hours of their precious time each year waiting in line. This customer service inefficiency costs businesses more than $130 billion every year. Organizations, industries, and businesses that engage with the public must implement an online scheduling system to fill appointment openings to increase staff productivity, enhance operational efficiency, and improve custo…
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09 Nov


Reduce Appointment Lines With Effective Customer Engagement Software

November 9, 2020 | By |

The stress and boredom of waiting in long appointment lines can be tortuous. Long waiting times can make customers anxious and angry. Queue frustration makes many customers walk away from your premises, leading to lost revenue and a damaged reputation for your business. While the practice of queuing can't be eliminated entirely, there is another way to manage lines to reduce wait time frustration. The adoption of innovative customer service technologies enhances the quality of your services, leading to happier patrons and more revenue. Implementing cutting-edge customer engagement solutions, such as the QLess appointment scheduling and queue management system, reduces appointment lines, helping you deliver outstanding service to your client…
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03 Dec


Customer Experience Analysis -What Can Queue Software Do?

December 3, 2019 | By |

With so much competition in so many industries today, having your company stand out among the crowd is more important than ever. And the qualities that make your company shine are the ones that people will continue to talk about well after the customer/client experience has transpired. Because of this, word of mouth referrals become an invaluable asset to your company.  So what are those things that customers talk about most? Namely, the quality of the product or service, the quality of the process of obtaining the product or service, and how quickly and efficiently their service was provided. By taking a closer look at customer experience analysis, we can determine key elements as to how to make the most of the experience for …
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