Nov 09

Reduce Appointment Lines With Effective Customer Engagement Software

one man sitting in a spacious, empty waiting room

The stress and boredom of waiting in long appointment lines can be tortuous. Long waiting times can make customers anxious and angry. Queue frustration makes many customers walk away from your premises, leading to lost revenue and a damaged reputation for your business. While the practice of queuing can't be eliminated entirely, there is another way to manage lines to reduce wait time frustration. The adoption of innovative customer service…

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Jan 21

How You Can Improve Employee Experience Using Queue Management

If you struggle with employee motivation in the workplace, you're far from alone. They say the customer is always right, but the easiest way to get a satisfied patron is to make sure they're being assisted by a happy and motivated employee. There are a myriad of ways to make sure your workers are giving it their all, but queue management has emerged over the past few years as one…

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Oct 25

Learning Through Customer Satisfaction Reports

The QLess queue management system can help a business in so many ways, from alleviating long lines and wait times, to auto scheduling appointments, marketing promotions, boosting staff productivity, and delivering important analytics. Businesses in many different industries, like government, healthcare, logistics, and education, can use QLess to improve their daily operations by using customer satisfaction reports and features. The QLess app gives customers the freedom to wait anywhere. Introduction to the QLess…

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