Nov 26

The 7 Benefits of Appointment Apps for Credit Union Growth

two business people shaking hands

In an era of fierce competition in the financial industry, service quality and customer experience are among the most important factors that can make or break your enterprise. Small financial institutions, such as credit unions, face an uphill battle in competing with big banks for new member acquisition. The provision of superior services helps credit unions attract big bank customers in order to grow their membership base. The adoption of…

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Nov 02

Improve Customer Satisfaction with Phone Queues for Credit Unions

With the economy as uncertain as it is at the moment, the idea of keeping your money with a credit union as opposed to a massive bank corporation is more appealing than ever to the average consumer. But if you do not have the marketing resources that those big chains have, every advantage counts, and that is where our phone queue system comes into play. Learn how QLess can serve…

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Sep 11

Credit Unions and COVID: How Technologies are Saving the Day

[Originally Published in Credit Union Business News] The financial industry has seen ups and downs for centuries. It's actually the norm as currencies fluctuate, mortgage rates jump and plummet, and people change how they invest. We've all seen boom markets and severe downturns, but none of us have ever seen anything remotely like the current pandemic. It has changed everything for the credit union industry, from back-end technologies to customer…

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Aug 21

How to Reduce Queues in Banks

If you operate a financial institution, you know there are peak busy times and days that draw in crowds. On payday, for instance, customers rush to deposit their paychecks and clog up business for others who want to open accounts, inquire about loans, and conduct other routine banking transactions. Long lines and wait times can frustrate customers and cause unwanted stress for your employees. So, the question is: how to…

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Aug 13

Technology Trends: Credit Union Modernization Amidst the Pandemic

Once thought of as the financial institution for your parents, or even your grandparents, credit unions have remained relatively overlooked for a long time. They've been slow to implement technology or online banking solutions, and haven't traditionally marketed their services to younger generations the way modern banking institutes have. But in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, credit unions are now modernizing faster than ever. By implementing innovative technology solutions, they've helped to…

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