Feb 13

Pandemic Shopping and the Future of Retail

a customer scanning a QR code on their cell phone

With the 2020 holiday season behind us, we've now had time to digest what was arguably one of the strangest shopping seasons for retailers. Depending on the city and state, retailers were experiencing anything from reduced capacities to increasingly long lines to complete store closures. October to December is one of the busiest -- and most important -- quarters for shopping, with these months accounting for a significant portion of…

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Feb 11

How 2020 Permanently Changed Customer Service Best Practices

a woman using technology while being served by a barista

With the global pandemic, the tumultuous economy, and everything else that came with it, 2020 may be the year that we would all rather forget. But it’s likely that the lingering effects of 2020 are here to stay. Thanks to all the lessons we’ve learned throughout the year, it’s expected that “back to normal” will be a new type of normal. In the world of customer service, that’s better news…

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Jan 26

How to Improve Queue Service Post-COVID for Stellar Customer Service

Like it or not, the global COVID pandemic has changed the way we conduct business in ways that will probably last far into the future. People have become far more conscientious about the potential for spreading a contagious and dangerous virus and have adjusted their behavior accordingly. In the same way, businesses are finding new and innovative ways to promote social distancing and hands-off shopping experiences. For a wide range…

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Jan 04

Tech and Data Can Serve As the Backbone for Vaccine Distribution

Originally published in RouteFifty The long-awaited Covid-19 vaccine has arrived. As of now, three pharmaceutical companies--Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca--have announced that their vaccines are anywhere from 70 and 95% effective. And with the approval of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the U.S. is now embarking on the largest vaccination distribution campaign in history. As it did for keeping individuals safe throughout the pandemic, technology and data will need to be leveraged in…

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Dec 28

Technology Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Originally published in Healthcare Business and Technology The interest in the public health branch of government has dramatically increased in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. With public health officials helping governments curb the spread of the virus, doctors, hospitals, researchers, and medical professionals have become some of the most trusted people in the U.S. But with many non-essential medical services--including fertility treatments and elective surgeries--cancelled during the early months of the pandemic, will…

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Nov 30

Don’t Leave Shoppers Out in the Cold This Winter

Originally published in Chain Store Age.  Brick-and-mortar stores have been facing significant challenges in recent years, but 2020 has introduced challenges that no one could have ever predicted. Due to the pandemic, many people are staying away from physical stores. How can retail chains fight back during the 2020 holiday shopping season - especially when cold winter weather in many parts of the country will force shoppers to stand outside…

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