Oct 05

Top 3 Reasons to Produce Raving Student Satisfaction

College administrators are pretty adept at and know the importance of giving students an excellent education, but they often overlook the value of something else: a great higher education experience. While colleges don't receive recognition or funding because their students are satisfied, that doesn't mean they won't reap the benefits from fostering a fantastic, service-oriented environment for their students. There are several important reasons why colleges and universities should strive…

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Sep 19

OC Register Spotlights Fullerton College’s use of QLess, Inc.

As the school year is starting to ramp up, Fullerton College has begun to use QLess, the world's first mobile queuing services, again to help students stand not in physical line, but virtual and mobile lines. This allows students the freedom to socialize and go about campus on their own time with their spot held in line. On top of improved wait time, students find themselves holding an elevated impression…

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Mar 27

Mesa Community College submits QLess for Best Innovation of the Year

Mesa Community College submitted QLess for Best Innovation of the Year. Seeing them write about QLess with such passion has to be one of the best rewards an entrepreneur can get. You can read Mesa's complete Innovation of the Year submission at http://www.qless.com/colleges/QLessAtMesa.pdf --Alex

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