Jan 29

Deliver a Great Customer Experience for Your Credit Union Members

“Drive in banking” sign on the outside of a building

In the banking industry and many others, times have changed from walk-in, stand-in-line services to higher expectations for the customer experience. Customers need their space for social distancing and want modern options that add convenience to their lives. Companies everywhere are capitalizing on the ease of use provided by virtual services using phone apps and contactless services. If your financial institution hasn't taken the plunge, it's high time you learn…

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Jan 29

How to Create a Customer Experience Transformation in Your Casinos

An overhead view of a casino floor

In every casino, the goal should be to maximize players' time at the slots and tables. The more time they spend occupied on the floor, the greater your profits will be. But hotel check-ins, buffet lines, restaurant waiting times, and crowded gambling tables slow down the flow. Learn how to create a customer experience transformation for your casino with a new level of great customer service. These five steps will…

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Jan 28

How QLess Customer Experience Metrics Benefit Your Business

A computer screen showing data

Every business, no matter what industry you're in, can benefit from insights about their inner workings. Knowledge is power if you apply it to make positive changes. Unfortunately, some businesses are flying blind, unaware of issues with their existing customer service practices. QLess queue management software makes it easy to measure business metrics and analytics so you can enhance the customer experience. The following examples are ways you can utilize…

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Sep 17

How to Fine-Tune BOPIS with Line Management Technology

Article was originally published in RIS News While the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, U.S. retail is re-opening. We don't know yet how quickly brick-and-mortar retail will rebound as there will be some headwinds, including consumer apprehension and numerous regulations intended to reduce the risk of virus spread. However, there is cause to believe that consumers still value the ritual of going to the store to complete a purchase rather than waiting for…

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Sep 16

Office Depot Finds Success Two Ways with Virtual Queues

This article was originally published in BornDigital. Need to Know Office Depot first deployed QLess, a remote mobile interactive queueing platform, to 600 stores in September 2019 to gather more data about customer habits and provide shoppers with more freedom.QLess lets shoppers check into a virtual line and receive real-time alerts about when their turn is ready.Since then, Office Depot has experimented with sending out discount codes to waiting shoppers,…

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